New | B. Cosmetics Makeup Range

Superdrug's B. Cosmetics Makeup Line Review
Superdrug's B. Cosmetics Makeup Line Review

So B. (Superdrug’s own brand) have completely relaunched with an entire new range of makeup, and I thought I would try some of it out for you. There are some definite hits and misses in this range, with some stand out favourites, and some really stand out misses. But I thought I would share you my overall thoughts on each product.

B. Makeup Primer £9.99 

This didn’t seem to do much, but other then that, no complaints… The packaging comes with a pump, which is awesome.

B. Flawless Matte Foundation £9.99 

This seemed to cling to any dry patch almost instantly. The coverage is kind of medium. Same packaging as the primer.

B. Flawless Duo Concealer £6.99 

Usually these kind of concealers have amazing coverage… apart from this one. It doesn’t seem to do anything. At all.

Superdrug's B. Cosmetics Makeup Line Review

B. Makeup Setting Powder £7.99 

There’s a scary amount of kick up from this product, but if you tap off your brush before you put it on your face, it works and you really can’t complain.

B. Matte Bronzer £7.99 

It’s very warm, but as a bronzer that makes you feel like you’ve been in the sun, or as a crease colour on your eyes, it’s a very beautiful shade.

B. Blush in Sweet Dreams £7.99 

Doesn’t really show up, in fact, you can’t tell you’re wearing blush at all…

B. Liquid Illuminator £9.99 

When you squirt it out, it doesn’t look like it’s going to do anything, but on the face it’s stunning. It’s that wet look highlighter, layers really well on top of powder, and I just love it!

Superdrug's B. Cosmetics Makeup Line Review

B. Creme Eyeshadow

(bought this in store, can’t find it online) I’m so angry I can’t find this online, because it is single handedly my favourite thing from this range! I love it so much. Paired with the bronzer in the crease it’s so pretty!

B. Duo Eyeliner in Black £6.99 

Another fav. This has a super fine nib one end and a thicker nib the other. Both of them are super black, easy to apply, and fairly long lasting.

B. Kohl Eyeliner in Copper £4.99 

Smoked out on your bottom lash line, this is stunning! It looks stunning on the top lash line as well to be honest. But I love this, an the fact it’s mechanical.. win!

Superdrug's B. Cosmetics Makeup Line Review

B. Lipliner in Nude £4.99 

This didn’t seem to do anything… it scratched by lip, tugged, and then no colour showed up. Love the packaging though…

B. Lipstick in Candy Crush £6.99 

This is a hard one to judge, because I chose a completely different shade, and this one showed up at my door (I ordered online). It really isn’t my shade, but the formula is ok. Nothing exciting, but it works.

So some definite hits and misses. Have you tried anything from the B. Makeup range?

Katie x

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try this range for a while so thank you for the review. I am tempted to try their skincare range but am not too sure now as the makeup is so hit and miss. X

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