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Collection Illuminating Touch 1Collection Illuminating Touch

Anything from Collection is usually greeted with great appraisal of its quality for it price, and, I would have to say, most the time the opinions are right. This primer is £5.99 placing it at the lower end of the drugstore, and you get a fair amount of product for your buck. The packaging is also sturdy and comes with a pump.

The primer is a pearlescent pale shade that works great with my skin tone. It gives you a strong glow without being glittery. When you apply foundation over the top, the glow comes through in a really natural (but still sorta I’m really glowy) way… if that makes sense.

It actually works surprisingly well as a primer. It doesn’t quite compare to some of the other primers I’ve tried, but add it to the beautiful glow it gives you it is a really nice all round primer!

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

4 thoughts on “New | Collection Illuminating Touch Primer

  1. I’ve never tried primers properly (not for years anyway!) but this does sound pretty great! Collection always surprise me with their products I must admit! Xxx

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