New | Collection Highlight, Blush & Bronze Palette

Collection Palette 1Collection Palette

I have grown very fond of multi-use makeup products in recent years, and for £4.99 this is definitely one of the cheapest ones available. And with the Collection stamp on it, I already had high hopes for this product before I’d even started it.

The bronzer shade is really beautifully formulated, if not a tad too warm for me, but for those days I want to give the allusion I’m more tanned than I am, this actually works really well. The blusher is a beautiful shade, and I’m sure many people out there will love it, for my personal taste it’s a tad light and shimmery, but I can see why they chose it. And the highlighter is a beautifully subtle and natural highlight that lets you looks like you’re healthy and alive.

This palette is definitely good value for money, and I would recommend it, especially if these shades interest you. However, I still prefer my Sleek contour, blush and highlight palette.

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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