New: Barry M Neptune Lipstick


When Barry M released Genie (their lipstick that looks green and comes out pink) I fell in love. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear, that although it’s completely gimiky it’s one of my favourite lipsticks. So, when I found out they had released a new shade to the collection I got very excited.

Let’s start with the packaging: I think the packaging of these lipsticks is actually pretty cool. They have a very youthful look and feel about them, but I feel like it matches the feel of the lipstick. I like how they echo the colours the lipsticks look in the bullet and on the lips. They’re also really satisfying to open.

The formula of Neptune I feel like is not as strong as Genie. It takes a little more effort to actually make the lipstick turn purple (it stays an odd shade of blue until you actually rub it into the lips). However, it still has that super comfortable feel on the lips.

Also colour wise, I think the lipstick could do with being a little darker. While the light pink is sort of flattering, the light purple… not so much.

I have to say, I don’t think this lipstick is going to become a staple in my collection, however it is fun!


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