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I graduate in June (scary huh?), and I leave my University house and move back home. However, I am gradually moving into my older brother’s room, because he’s moved out fully now and his room is bigger. And because I still theoretically have my old room, I really want to make Tom’s room really my own. And I know this is still months away, but I took to pinterest the other day to find inspiration.








I’m loving the whole mixing of wood and white furniture and the square shelves – if you couldn’t tell. And I literally cannot wait till I can start, because I literally LOVE decorating and buying home stuff!

Disclaimer: none of these photos are my own. Here is a link to my pinterest board with all of these photos on so that you can find their origin!

Thanks again!


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3 thoughts on “Pinterest Room Inspo

  1. Although I’ve already graduated from my undergrad and moved home for a year before starting my masters, there is a possibility that when I move home again in September that my brother will have moved out, and I too may move in to his room… But as much as I’d love a bigger room (and get a double bed) I don’t know whether I can bring myself to leave my childhood room :O

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