(Ridiculously Huge) Nail Polish Collection

Nail Polish Collection and Swatches

My nail polish collection is ridiculous, and I’ve reached that stage in my life now that I have no idea what’s in my collection and what isn’t… So I thought I would do this post as much for myself as for you. I’m going to group them in terms of brand/range and let you know my opinion on the formula, then list the colours I have (otherwise we’ll be here for years).

N.B: This took me hours to do, so sorry if some of the samples aren’t perfect.

Nail Polish Collection and Swatches
Nail Polish Collection and Swatches

Cherimoya Nail Paints

I can’t find the shade names for these, but I bought them in a set from TKMax years ago, and the colours are gorgeous and unique, they just take 4+ coats to make them look good. So, to be honest, I very rarely wear these.


Sequin Sash, Jazzy Jubilant, Sugar Daddy

Now, this is a brand that everyone raves about. Jazzy Jubilant gets used a lot (especially on top of Chai by Barry M) but I am yet to rave about these. Maybe I need to try more opaque shades.

Sally Hansen

Pink Pong, Crush on Blue, Tulips are Talking

These are high gloss, proper gel effect nail polishes. If they were a tad cheaper, I would own all of them. Unfortunately they’re on the pricey side for me (£6.99 each) so I only own three. But very pretty!

Topshop Nail Paints

Wide Awake, Movie Star

These are some really unique shades that I adore. I haven’t really tried much from Topshop makeup, but these nail paints are lovely – I find they’re really hard to get hold of though….

Nail Polish Collection and Swatches
Nail Polish Collection and Swatches

2True Nail Polish

24, 12, French Manicure

These shades probably have names, but since 2True is no longer going (it was liquidated a few years back) I couldn’t really find much out about these. But they were my first nail polishes and, to be honest, I don’t know how they’re still going strong!


Ombre Lilac, Speckled Egg Cream, Apricot Crush, Truffle

Not the best formula (they chip fairly easily), but Accessorize do some of the most unusual colours I have ever seen! I love browsing through their sales because their colours are just awesome! I have to say (thought) Ombre Lilac is really hard to get to work…



I don’t really know where I got this from, but Next to now do Nail Polishes so I don’t know if it’s the same formula. But this is a really nice shimmery gold! It applies in 2 coats and lasts a fair amount of time.


Vert Absinthe, Cafe De Nuit

This green is just the coolest shade with a matte top coat ontop! The formula of these are nice, but it’s the packaging that really draws me to them!

Models Own

Chrome Copper, Chrome Grey, Nail Beads (Gold)

I don’t really get the nail beads, but they were a free gift. However, the other nail polishes are really cool, they dry insanely quickly and have a weird semi-matte finish. However, the shades don’t really suit my skin tone and the nail polishes chip really quickly.

Nail Polish Collection and Swatches
Nail Polish Collection and Swatches

Maybelline Superstay 7 Day Nail Polish

French Manicure, Flushed Pink, Rose Poudre, Rose Rapture, Magnia Surge, Fuschia Euphoria

These polishes come with large brushes, they apply in 2 coats, they last a significant amount of time AND they’re one of my favourite nail polishes

Nails Inc

Covent Garden Place, Soho Palace, Marie Claire, Optic Glow

These are some of the most expensive nail polishes I own (£15 each), but they’re stunning and I really know why. They’re pigmented, glossy, long lasting and beautiful. Just can’t buy too many

Rimmel Nail Polishes

Lose Your Lingerie, Glastonberry, Rapid Ruby, Berries & Cream, Hot Tropicana

On par with the Maybelline Nail Polishes, these are beautiful, affordable nail polishes that (although do not dry in the 60 seconds they claim) dry fairly quickly, last a fair amount of time and take 2 coats.

Nail Polish Collection and Swatches
Nail Polish Collection and Swatches

Revlon Nail Polishes

Sparkling, Radiant, Graffiti Top Coat, Confident, Mayan Rivera, Frostiest Pink, Gold Coin, Bohemian, Charming, Posh, Seductiveness

These nail polishes are very hit and miss. Some of them (Gold Coin, Bohemian, Posh, Radiant) are absolutely stunning and some of my favs, others (Seductive, Charming, Confident) are beautiful, but take a lot to make them look good. So can’t really make my mind up about this.

Lottie London

Sunset Secrets

These are a new purchase for me, but with the Barry M Matte top coat, this lasted FOREVER and I actually removed it because I was bored and wanted to change my nail polish up, rather than it being chipped beyond all compare.


I don’t know what colour this nail polish is. However, I’m not sure if I like it or not. It’s a beautiful colour, but it takes about 4 coats to make it opaque. (and I go by a 2 coat rule to be honest). So for the money you pay for this it’s insane!

Max Factor

Mellow Yellow

This is a tiny little bottle. But to be honest it’s such a good size for a nail polish, because I never finish the huge bottles. However, this colour is really cool. I don’t own another yellow. It takes about 3 coats, however very pale colours like this tend to need that. Can’t wait to try some more.

Nail Polish Collection and Swatches
Nail Polish Collection and Swatches

Filthy Gorgeous


The magnet element of this doesn’t work that well, but the colour of this is absolutely gorgeous. You can get away with 2 coats, but stunning. Love this!

Barry M

Get ready guys. My Barry M Obsession is real!

Molten Metals: Bronze Bae

Beautiful bronze/gold colour that only needs one coat and looks beautiful.

Superdrug Exclusives: Festival Fever, Carnival Couture

Their standard formula, but some beautiful shades

Daylight Curing: Fuschia Generation, You Drive Me Navy

Not really sure I get the concept of this range (as they have their own top coat), but some beautiful shades.

Coconut Infusion: Tiki Hut, Flamingo

Love these, they’re like muted bright shades. Which is awesome!

Mani Mask: Pink and Birthday Suit

I think these are the only Barry M Nail Polishes I’ve tried and not liked. They’re not pigmented, look weird on my nails, and don’t suit me…

Read More: Barry M Mani Mask Review

Matte: Crust

I have really got into matte nail polishes recently, and this is a really cool dark shade that looks amazing in Winter!

Aquarrium: Persian, Meditteranean 

These are beautifully stunning 2-toned nail polishes. They’re the most beautiful thing ever!!!!

Quick Dry: Full Throttle

I don’t notice these try much quicker than any other nail polish. But I still like them, and they have some more beautiful colours in them.

Nail Polish Collection and Swatches
Nail Polish Collection and Swatches

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine

Blue Berry, Plum, Prickly Pear, Satsuma, Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit, Papaya, Mango, Rose Hip, Sugar Apple, Elderberry, Chai, Cardamon, Paprika, Chili, Cocoa, Fondant, Almond, Cotten, Acai Smoothie.

Now these are my favourites of all time (that’s why I have 20!). They’re pigmented, glossy, easy to apply, come in the coolest shades, are really affordable and I just LOVE!

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a nose through my nail polish collection. And I know, I have a problem! Let me know some of your favourites down below!

Katie x

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