Barry M Mani Mask Review

Barry M Mani Mask Review
Barry M Mani Mask Review

As I’m sure you are all aware by now, Barry M are by far my favourite Nail Polish brand! I have WAY to many of them and they end up featuring in pretty much every blog post I write. So, when Barry M released a new range of Nail Polishes that were meant to make your nails stronger and more healthy, I was really excited! I picked up both the Mani Mask shades they had available and I’m going to share with you my thoughts.

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Barry M Mani Mask Review

‘Strengthens & Conditions damaged nails’

As a strengthening nail polish this works. My nails felt stronger and thicker while I was wearing it, and they chipped significantly less that they do when I don’t wear anything at all. They dried really quickly and applied evenly, just as all Barry M nail polishes do, and in that respect my love for these nail polishes is just as high as my love for other Barry M nail polishes.

Barry M Mani Mask Review

‘Conceals with a semi-matt colour finish’

Now, I think if this wasn’t included on the bottle and these were sold as a base coat, my review would finish there; they apply nicely and make your nails actually feel stronger. However, they then go on to say ‘colour finish’. Now, on a little side note, the photo above is 4 very thick coats of the stuff! And even then, when you pick it up and look at it closely the colour is streaky.

I find this so annoying! I’ve now started to use them as a base coat, applying a thin layer of this and then another layer of a more opaque nude nail polish on top. And for that they work really nicely. The longevity of the nail polish isn’t extended as long as it is with my Nails Inc base coat, but it still works as a great strengthening base coat underneath another nail polish.

However, it terms of colour, I don’t feel like it worked. They come out so pale and streaky that your nails don’t really look healthy at all. The ‘semi-matte’ finish is nice, and if these nail polishes had a little more pigmentation I think they would work really nicely as a nail polish.

Barry M Mani Mask Review

I feel like all I’ve done in this blog post is moan about them, however they are actually a really lovely formula in terms of strengthening! And if they were marketed as a base coat, or given a little extra pigmentation, I would be – instead – singing their praises.

However, this is just my opinion, let me know in the comments below what you think about them.

Katie x

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