My Top 5 Favourite Mascaras

My Top 5 Favourite Mascaras
My Top 5 Favourite Mascaras

I’m here to talk to you about my favourite mascaras, more specifically my top 5 mascaras that I am loving right now! Now I would have loved to have included my Elizabeth Arden Mascara – which I love, would highly recommend, and the packaging looks amazing!!!!!! – but it ran out about 2 weeks ago, and I chucked the bottle in the bin, and so I can’t share that with you today. So instead I replaced it with a product that’s very new to me, but I am still loving – hope you don’t mind. So, lets go…

My Top 5 Favourite Mascaras

Revlon Ultimate All in One

Now this is the new one to me, so I feel like it should be last. However it really like this mascara! It has a really unusual, and small brush, and so it makes it ideal to reach those difficult to get lashes, and also great for your bottom lashes as well!

Rimmel Super Curl Mascara 

This is one of those brushes with the massive wands! I don’t usually go for these types of mascaras (as you might get), however, I love to use this as a top coat. I use whatever mascara I’m loving, then I put this over the top, it just helps lift the lashes, and although it doesn’t really curl them on their own (you will still need to use an eyelash curler), it does help lift them a little.

My Top 5 Favourite Mascaras

Maybelline the Falsies Push Up Drama 

I feel like this mascara take a little bit of time to apply (otherwise it will clump), but when I do have the time, this mascara makes your eyelashes look so long and thick! It’s a fairly wet formula, but it does dry down quickly. I just love the end result of this mascara; very full looking mascara, this is definitely not a subtle mascara.

L’Oreal Sculpt 

Now I love this because of how quick it is! The brush is such an usual shape, and it’s definitely not one I would have usually gone for. But it makes your lashes look beautiful in one coat! and no clumping! For speed, this mascara is amazing!

My Top 5 Favourite Mascaras

Benefit They’re Real Mascara 

I know theoretically this is unfair, because this is (by far) the most expensive mascara here! However, it’s the only mascara that I have made it onto the 3rd tube with (now that’s love!). This mascara is so easy to apply, it makes your lashes look full and long, and it does not budge! This mascara is just amazing, but then again its £21!

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I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments your favourite mascara!

Katie x

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3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favourite Mascaras

  1. I love the Maybelline Falsies mascara. The volume and length it gives is amazing considering it is a drugstore Mascara. My favorite mascara is the Toofaced Better than Sex. The brush is a bit big but it gives amazing volume.
    Great post.


    1. I haven’t actually tried the Maybelline one!! I know, there must be something wrong with me. But I always forget to pick it up when I’m in boots. And I’ve heard some great things about the Toofaced mascara 🙂

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