The 50p Lipsticks You Need to Try


Yes, you did read correctly, these are 50p each – well strictly speaking they’re 49.5p, but let’s not get into specifics. So I’m going to be talking you through what I thought of these in terms of Price, Delivery, Colours, Packaging, Formula and then just an overall opinion!

Price and Delivery

I bought these through Amazon (you can buy them here), and it’s £5.95 for 12 lipsticks, making them about 50p each. At first I was dubious, but then I thought The MUA Lipsticks are nice, and they’re £1, so… and I ordered them anyway, I mean what had a got to lose, it was less than £6! That’s the price of one lipstick normally. Plus, you get free UK Delivery (I can’t vouch for any other country, but I mean they came from China and they were still still free… so). So, they took 4 weeks to arrive, but then again, they had to come a long way!



So, a lot of these shades are very similar, which I guess you’re really only getting sort of 8 shades, as opposed to 10, but then again they’re all gorgeous shades. They’re advertised as ‘Nudes’ – which, as you can see, the 4 red shades and a few of the pinks/purples are not nudes. However, they are all very wearable shades and I feel like there isn’t a colour here that wouldn’t get used.



I mean you can tell by looking at them they’re not Mac.. or even as nice as the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks. However I do like the blue and gold, and they still look pretty sleek. The only downside – or you could consider this an upside – is they’re quite small. They’re very thin. However, I guess how often do you actually finish a lipstick?



The one thing  I don’t get about these is that some of them are really matte and pigmented and look stunning, then there are a few shades that are more sheer, and although are still very pretty, don’t match the formula of the other lipsticks. But then again, it’s nice to have a few matte and a few more glossy lipsticks! Similar to the MUA lipsticks, they apply nicely and they look great on your lips, but they need to be moisturised. If you have dry lips, they’ll make them dryer, and if you have dry skin on your lips then it clings to them. So, all I do is apply a lip balm before I apply my makeup, and then when I come round to applying lipstick it’s soaked in enough that the lipstick will stay matte.

They don’t last FOREVER, but I am yet to find a lipstick that does. I would say, if you weren’t to eat or drink, they last about 2 to 3 hours, and then they need a top up. And you will need to apply after drinking/eating, but this isn’t uncommon in.. well most lipsticks.


I mean they’re not the most flawless in packaging and formula, but they’re 50p each?! I mean, come on?! 50p! So if you’re just starting out – whether it be with makeup or lipstick – or you just love finding yourself a good bargain, then I think they’re amazing! However, if you’re looking for luxury, staying power and moisturising lipsticks, then these are not for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I feel like they are a massive steal, and I am so happy I picked them up!


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