Powder Box Service Review

Marie Claire's Powder Box Service Review
Marie Claire's Powder Box Service Review

So the idea of this box is that ‘Beauty Just Got Personal’ (it’s their moto, I’m not being cheesy). And the idea is there are products, selected by them, and a few of the options are personalised by the answers to the questions you give – i.e. the hairstyling products match your hair type. I thgouth this was a really cool and unique idea and I love that you can see what you buy – sorta – but still get products that work for you.

You can buy this box from box.thisispowder.com, and it’s called the Powder Beauty Drawer. I paid £35 (the box is worth £113), and then they deliver it to your door. Simple as. No contract, no monthly boxes, just one beautiful box. Plus I use the box now to help me store my makeup so it’s a win win.

Marie Claire's Powder Box Service Review

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Lip Cream

This is actually a really nice eye cream, it’s not too heavy and it makes my under eyes feel super soft. However, as a lip cream it feels really odd – more like a moisturiser and less like a lip balm. So it soaks in really quickly, it just feels a little odd, but it’s still nice.

St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion

I can’t make my mind up about this. I feel like as a gradual tan, the end result is nice – not orange, not streaky, and really gradual – which is great for me, as I don’t really use fake tan. However, it’s a lot of faff. You have to stand outside your shower for 3 minutes, and although that doesn’t sound like much, you’re cold, you’re wet, and you have no idea how long you’ve stood there for, because I am not an expert when it comes to guessing time.

Marie Claire's Powder Box Service Review

StarSkin Balancing Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask

I love me a face mask, and this one was perfectly pleasant! Just simply lay it on your face, sit there for a good 10 minutes or so, then take it off! Simple

Sanctuary Spa Warming Detox Charcoal Wash

I thought this was a mask, and actually that’s what I said it was in my unboxing video. But this is a wash. But it’s really unusual, it comes out in a sort of gel, and then it very slowly foams up. It feels really gentle on my skin and also comes with a really cool warming sensation, so I already love it.

Benefit the POREfessional

I haven’t got round to trying this yet, but there are reviews and videos about this product everywhere, and it has it’s own cult following, so I’m definitely excited to use this!

Marie Claire's Powder Box Service Review

Rimmel 24H Supercurler Mascara

This mascara is really nice for those days when you want to look awake and youthful but not like you have loads of makeup on. It separates and curls your lashes, but it doesn’t make them look thick and caked, so it depends what you want from your mascara.

L’Oreal Professionnel Infinium Extra Strong Spray

This is a nice hairspray. Not hugely into hairsprays, but this works.

Balance Me Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser

This was super soft and gentle on my skin, and I loved how it felt while it was on. However my skin didn’t really feel clean afterwards… in fact it felt bogged down with product.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

I looked up the price for this online.. £33.50! And I mean, yes it works, your skin looks fresh, vibrant and feels smooth. But I’m not entirely convinced it’s worth the price tag…

Marie Claire's Powder Box Service Review

L’Oreal Professional Dual Stylers by Techni Art Liss & Plump Up

One, the bottle for this looks cool. And two it’s really easy to use. Wash your hair as normal, then run some of this product through your hair before blow drying, then blow dry as normal. And it gives you a little bit more volume – nothing crazy, but a little.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet

This is a really nice moisturiser, nice and gentle, nothing too heavy, but it leaves you skin feeling soft and smooth.

Merumaya Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF15

I don’t entity get this product. It’s a really heavy moisturiser, and is absolutely amazing for really dry skin and for that I absolutely love it. However, it comes with SPF15 in it, and so unless you have really really dry skin all over your face, then this wouldn’t work as an all over face moisturiser. I just use this for my nose and my elbows, and ironically I use it at night..

Marie Claire's Powder Box Service Review

TRESemme 7 Day Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

Although I can’t really vouch for the 7 day frizz free claim this conditioner has – I personally don’t think it works – it is still a really nice shampoo and conditioner. It left my hair feeling soft and looking healthy, and although it didn’t control frizz, it has stopped my hair getting quite so tangled, so I guess that’s a start

Have you ever had one of these boxes?

Katie x

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