Revision Tips | How I Managed To Get As/A*s

Revision Tips | How I Managed To Get As/A*s
Revision Tips | How I Managed To Get As/A*s

For those of you who don’t know, I am in the midst of revising for University summer exams. And after completing GCSEs, A-Levels, and one and a half years of University, I have picked up a number of tips, so I thought I would share them with you…

Start Early – I know everyone says this, but trust me it helps. It means that all you have to do is a few hours a day, you won’t get stressed out in the last week, and you get to brag to all your friends that you’ve already started…

Use colour! – but limit yourself to a few, if you use too many it’ll just be too much

Revision Tips | How I Managed To Get As/A*s

Take breaks – I know that isn’t revision, but it’ll allow your revision to be more constructive, and in turn you’ll do less revision. And when you break, try leave the spot you’re revising in; walk round the room, go get food/drink, it doesn’t matter, just get up.

Practice Exam Papers – and if, like me, you don’t have access to exam papers, get a few of your friends together, and come up with essay questions and then make essay plans for them – it’ll help you revise and work out what you know, but you don’t actually have to write every essay.

Stick revision notes EVERYWHERE – when I studied GCSE French, and had to learn vocab after vocab after vocab, I would write them on sticky notes and stick them round the mirror (where I brushed my teeth/washed my face), on the fridge, on the door, by my bed, by the TV. I mean my mum and dad hated it, but it helped, at least I think it did.

Revision Tips | How I Managed To Get As/A*s

Schedule – but I mean a rough schedule. When you do 10 subjects at GCSE you obviously can’t do them all in one day, so I just write the 2 or 3 subjects I want to revise in that day. And that’s it. I don’t make it pretty, or too specific, because this is just procrastination!

Set up a ‘Space’ – I found this the most helpful tip ever! Setting up a space in your house, where you work (mine was the dining room table), which was clutter free, and had little distractions really helped me. Unfortunately at University, I don’t have this space, so I have to go to the University Library, but ah well!

Switch Off – leave you phone behind. Otherwise you’ll end up scrolling through Facebook, or checking texts or instagram or snapchat!

Revision Tips | How I Managed To Get As/A*s

Plan ahead – not too far ahead, just at the end of each day I write what I want to achieve in the next day. Simple as.

Summary Notes – sometimes your notes you’ve made in lessons/lectures can be overwhelmingly long. So abbreviate them, and make them shorter, this will be significantly easier to digest.

Revision Cards – I love these, a great way to get your notes in a little space to carry around. Or use them for key terms, and then you can test yourself!

Revision Tips | How I Managed To Get As/A*s

Group Revision – I feel like this often gets overlooked, because it can be really un-constructive. However, sometimes it can be really helpful and sometimes you can end up learning some really useful things!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks I used to help me get the results I did during my GCSEs/A-Levels

Katie x

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