My Realistic University Morning Routine

University Morning Routine

My mornings vary hugely depending on what I’m doing in the day, so this is going to be my realistic University Morning Routine, I hope you enjoy.

6.45: alarm goes off… nope… hit the snooze and sleep for 9 more minutes (who else gets really agitated with the iPhone 9 minute snooze, what is that?!)

6.54: alarm goes off again, this time I groan and actually get up. I then spend the next 6 minutes scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and checking what life got up to while I was asleep

6.56: Ok, nothing much happens while I’m asleep, either it’s because it’s night time, or because I really need to add more people on social media…

7.00: Time to get up! Urg, I used to be such a morning person, University has ruined me!

7:05: Tea! Tea! Tea! Depending how tired I am will depend how many cups of tea I make now. Yup, sometimes I make two cups of tea at once, because, yes I will drink both of them.. I need caffeine, I mean I drink de-caff tea now, but still…

7.06: I’ll sit with my cup – or two – of tea and watch a YouTube video, or two

7.15: Time to wash my face, the sink in our bathroom doesn’t actually get any hot water, so I wash my face in the kitchen; weird I know

7.20: Stand by the wardrobe for a good 5 minutes thinking I have nothing to wear, when I in fact have a wardrobe full of clothes. Every morning I think maybe I should try a capsule wardrobe and then I think nah I love my clothes too much.

7.28: I am now dressed, now I grab my mirror, and my box full of my daily makeup and sit there and get my face ready for the day while I watch another YouTube video, or two

7.45: Face done, now time to tackle the mane that is my hair. OMG what the hell did I do last night?!

8.00: yes, that is correct, 15 minutes later. My hair is a nightmare. Anyway, now I gather all my stuff together I need for the day; books, pens, lecture notes, stuff like that

8.10: Sit and watch another video – I am obsessed, don’t judge

8.25: Realise there’s now only 5 minutes till you need to leave the house for your 9am, and you still haven’t eaten breakfast… instead you decide brushing your teeth is more important.

8.30: You need to leave now, but you still haven’t got shoes on

8.32: I’ve lost my key, where the hell did I put my house key

8.33: Now where’s my phone, I could have sworn I had it this morning!

8.35: Ok, 5 minutes late, but I’m not out the house (with my phone and my key), and I’m off for a day of lectures, work, and internships!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what really goes on in my mornings, I’m not going to lie, this is actually what happens. I pretend like I have my life in order, but I really don’t…

Katie x

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