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The first thing to say was this post was originally ‘A Photo for Every Hour in the Day’, but I didn’t wake up until 12noon (whoops) – I don’t usually make a habit of this, I was just tired, and the day before had been a long day. So here is my day in photos;


12.32 – I wake up, and panic slightly because I’ve missed most of the day. In all honesty this isn’t the first time I’d seen life today; I’d woken up at 8.30 to go to the toilet, climbed back into bed, and almost instantly fallen back asleep.


12.35 – After discovering that the day has, in fact, started – hours ago – Kevin got me breakfast in bed! Decaf tea and croissants – side note: I didn’t eat them all, we shared them!


14.06 – I’m vlogging this week (woohoo – I’ll let you know in due course when it’s edited and up – bare with my I am laptopless, I’m currently doing most of this on my phone). So I said ‘hello’ and explained the plan for today and the fact that it was already 2 in the afternoon.


14.09 – time to leave. Well I say leave, I then waited for another 15 mins for Kevin to finish getting ready


14.44 – On our wonder down to the docks we decided that being an adult just wasn’t an option anymore!


15.18 – This train track goes along one of the main roads by the coast in Southampton, and it was the slowest train! Ever! We were stuck here for at least 7 minutes waiting for this train to pass…


15.29 – lunch! Food will become quite a central part in my vlogs, and I feel like this is one of the most artiest photos ever.


13.46 – we sat here for about an hour, watching the world go by.. well I say ‘go by’, nothing moved… but you get the idea. It’s a really peaceful place in Southampton, and is definitely one of my favourites! (PS: It’s the Ocean Village)


16.11 – With numerous Ice Cream Parlours, it’s basically a tradition in Southampton to eat Ice Cream obsessively… so we went to a restaurant in Ocean Village and literally ordered Ice Cream and nothing else. BTW this Ice Cream was delicious!


16.49 – We continued to sit here and rambled on about anything and everything you could think of. The window looked out onto the docks and it was so peaceful and tranquil.


18.06 – Home!


18.14 – We spent the rest of the evening camped out in Kevin’s bedroom. My jeans – in case you were wondering – are the boyfriend jeans from H&M and I am actually in love with them!


18.36 – me and my obsessive to-do-lists, this is my list of things I need to do for University over the hols (it looks short, but the essays I haven’t started and the ‘revision’ is slightly open ended)


19.40 – This is by far one of my favourite things to do! I love scrolling down bloglovin’ looking at other peoples posts, commenting, liking, saving, all that jazz. I could sit here for hours doing this – and that I did.


21.22 – This was basically the only photo I could sneak in while I was in the gym (I don’t know what the rules are where you live, but you can’t take photos or record in our gyms). Also, I don’t usually go this late at night, but we sort of panicked when we realised I hadn’t been all day….


22.02 – I know, I am breaking so many sins with this meal – 1. its basically all pasta (heavy carbs), and 2. It’s 10 o’clock at night! But that’s life, and I’m not usually quite this bad, it’s just with our late wakeup, and afternoon snack, I wasn’t hungry at the usual dinner time.


22.55 – I feel like a child again! I bought this DS in a pawn shop for £15 not long ago, and I just re-bought the Sims 2 Pets! I mean the graphics are abysmal, but I love this game!


Midnight – last photo of the day! We always watch TV before bed – which is actually really bad for you, but this is how I relax. I’m currently watching ‘Better Call Saul’, which is a side story of Breaking Bad. I’m on the 5th episode, and I mean it’s ok, but I wouldn’t go round raving about it.

So, that was my day. Ok, it’s not a typical day by any means, but I’m currently on my Easter break and so no day will be typical. I was thinking of doing a University Day Routine sort of blog post/video in a few weeks when I’m back, let me know what you think.

Also, keep you eyes peeled for my first ever Vlog! I’m so exited!



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