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Spring is the time of pastels! Colours start to come back into ‘fashion’, but it’s not quite time for bright colours. I love this time of year, as I feel like you can get away with wearing such unusual colours by making them pastel! I have picked for you 11 of my favourite colours of spring!

  Most of these nail polishes will be from ranges I have spoken about on this blog before. The Barry M High Shine Nail Polishes are my favourite (hence why over half of them are from this range), and the Rimmel 60 Second Shine are also a great range of nail polishes which I love.

Now there are a few others in here that I probably haven’t mentioned before. Nails Inc are great nail polishes, they apply nicely and dry quickly, whether they are worth the £15 price tag is another issue, but they are lovely nail polishes. Maybelline Superstay are nice nail polishes, I wouldn’t rave about them, but they have some nice colours that last well and apply nicely. There is one colour here which I love the shade and I’m not so sure on the formula and that’s the Revlon Nail Polishes, you really need 3 or 4 coats of this – but if you love the colour, then go for it!

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These are your standard ‘girly’ autumn colours – with a splash of bright orange – and these are colours that will suit most people and most people will love. Full Throttle is such a gorgeous orange colour, it’s quite bright, but I love wearing orange on my nails. Flushed Pink is a standard girly pink, beautiful and classic. Lose Your Lingerie is a gorgeous colour I talk about a lot, it only needs 2 coats (3 if you use really thin coats – which I don’t), Rose Hip is a similar colour – with more pink and less nude – it’s a classic and I feel like a lot of people own this!

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Then you head into your purple shades, Charming and Fondant provide two different types of purple – one with a grey undertone and one with a pink – both beautiful colours and wonderfully subtle. And then I chucked the last colour in to be bold, Lovey Dovey looks out of place with the other colours, but it’s a colour I wear a lot in the winter, yet I feel – with it’s bold purple colour – it would be great for those days when you want a ‘statement nail’, if such thing exists!

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These aren’t colours that instantly make you think of femininity or being sexy, but I feel they are colours that are often overlooked. These 4 shades are – hands down – my 4 favourite blue nail polishes. They are stunning, they all apply well, they all make a tan (when and if you get one) pop, yet look nice when you’re pale (like me). I just love them, and I feel like blue and green need their praises sung more – plus (on a side note) blue and/or green eyeshadow looks really fresh!

Sugar Apple is probably on of my top 5 nail polishes ever! (I know big statement!) This is a stunning blue toned green and it looks amazing on a sunny day – like stunning. You only use 2 coats, and with a top coat, you’re good to go for a few days! Love love love this! … oh by the way, do you know I love this nail polish? Haha. Moving into a the territory of grey undertones, we have Elderberry, it doesn’t scream spring when you look at it, but I like to wear this on the weeks when England has forgotten what season we’re in and we have descended back into rainy, cloudy days. Blueberry and Regents Place are two beautiful sky blues, I get a lot of wear out of these colours, and I think they are equally as stunning (despite their huge price difference £3.99 and £15!)

I hope you enjoyed a little snapshot of nail polishes I love to wear during spring. As usual, if you have any suggestions or comments, leave them down below!

Katie x

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