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So, I went onto the Boots website, like you do, to spend too much money on things I don’t need, because I already have about 10 other versions of it…

However, I decided to go on the New In section and looked through the Maybelline section and decided that I wanted to order a few things to give them a go. And so here are my first impressions of the products I’ve picked up.


Dream Velvet Foundation £7.99

This is their first whipped foundation, something I’ve never tried before. I’ve always stuck to liquid foundation or BB creams, and so I thought trying this would be a great idea! This is what it says on the back;

‘Dream Velvet whips a fresh gel into a velvet-soft texture. Complexion looks perfected and smooth, with a soft-matte finish just like velvet. Skin feels fresh and stays hydrated all day’

I found the only way to apply this successfully was with my hands/fingers. Which is something I’ve never done before, and was actually something I found I enjoyed. I find it applies really evenly, and creates a really nice matte finish, but allows your natural glow to come through.

I find it needs touch up often, but I have a naturally oily T-Zone, so this is probably no fault of the foundation.



Maybelline Sensational Blush Nudes Lipstick £7.99

I absolutely love this range for a day to day wear. They have a really sheer cover, and so look really natural. You can build them up a bit, but they are not a fully rich lip colour. So if, this isn’t for you, then you won’t like these. There are currently 4 colours in this range, and I bought three of them to tell you about. This is the product description;

‘Now, nudes so steamy your lips will blush. With molten rose gold pigments and pure precious oils for fresh, flushes look that smoulders. In 4 blushing shades.

Crisp colour creates by our pigment technology. Creamy feel. Enriched with honey nectar. Lip colour so rich, so stunning… it’s sensational.’

I find these lipsticks resemble lip balms, they’re creamy and hydrating and feel amazing on your lips, but the colour doesn’t last long and I find it needs reapplying regularly.

(From left to right) 107: Fairly Bare, 117: Tip Top Tulle, 207: Pink Fling



Master Drama ‘the Nudes’ £4.49

I bought these not expecting much, as I have never really been a fan of Kohl pencils. But, these are incredible!! I can’t comment yet on their staying power. But on first application they are soft, creamy, incredibly pigmented and stunning! (sorry a little exited about these).

On the eyes I feel like they resemble the Maybelline Colour Tattoos (which I love!). This is the comment online:

‘Bold chromatic colour that lasts up to 16 hours, intense color payoff that truly brings attention to your eyes for bold definition. It wont smudge, transfer, fade or budge and stays true all day.’

For £4.49 I think they’re stunning, and I will definitely do a review when I know more about their wearing power.

(From left to right) 19: Pearly Taupe, 22: Brownie Glitz


Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour Non-Stop Pink £4.49

I own some of the original Super Stay nail polishes and really like them! Although I find they don’t quite last 7 days (which I find with all nail polishes, so this is no fault of them). They apply nicely, and they look really shiny and glossy on the nails.

They have bought out 4 new shades called the ‘Non-Stop Pinks’. This is what it says on Boots;

‘Maybelline SuperStay 7 Days Gel Nail Color has a curved brush giving you precision in your application.

Achieve rich colour and high shine. Enriched with Iron & Calcium compounds.

Lasts up for up to 7 days’

And so far I have to say I like them. If I love them or find I end up disliking them, I’ll let you know!

(From left to right) 120: Flushed Pink, 160: Magenta Surge, 140: Rose Rapture, 195: Fuchsia Euphoria

What have you picked up from Maybelline recently?


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