Review | BeautyBay Pastels Palette

BeautyBay Pastels Palette

This has been one of those palettes that has been on my wishlist for the longest time! And it’s not like it’s expensive (it’s only £10 full price and the BeautyBay range is always on discount), but I just held off for a while to make sure it was really something I wanted! And now I have it… spoiler… but I’m excited!

BeautyBay Pastels Palette

Price & Packaging

So, as I mentioned, it’s a tenner. But it’s currently 30% off on BeautyBay and it’s frequently 10-40% off! The packaging is actually adorable! It comes in this beautiful pastel toned packaging with white font. It’s cardboard, but does feel sturdy and nice and comes with a decent mirror. The pans are huge… like absolutely huge. And then the colours are in the same colour layout as the front of the box.

Also… it closes with a magnet… which is just too much fu. Because I’m a child.

BeautyBay Pastels Palette


So they are a little chalky, which to be fair isn’t that surprising considering they’re pastel tones. But they are relatively pigmented and definitely easy to work with. I feel like they’re one of those formulas you can build up to have an impact, but on one application it is only a light wash over the eyes. They fade a little over the day, but nothing that noticeable. The yellow is gorgeous as an inner corner colour though and is weirdly the most pigmented colour in there!

BeautyBay Pastels Palette

The Colour Story

I am loving the pastels tones, but here is what you have (I’ve * what is swatched below)

Cloud Free* – A sky blue

Euphoria* – A lilac purple

Daze* – A turquoise green

First Light* – A yellow

Golden Hour* – An orange

Serenity – A lime green

Lovesick – A pink toned purple

Day Dream – A lavender purple

BeautyBay Pastels Palette

Overall Verdict

I mean you have to accept that this is a pastels palette and so you’re not going to have the most pigmented, bright and popping colours of all time… but they still are pretty and I’m certainly happy to have it in my collection. And, for reference, the other BeautyBay palettes are popping!

Have you tried this palette? If so what did you think?

Katie x

14 thoughts on “Review | BeautyBay Pastels Palette

  1. I haven’t tried this but i am absolutely a fan of pastel colours! I am not huge on makeup, but this looks like something I might give it a try to! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. I’ve been eyeing this up for ages too, i saw someone create a pastel skull Halloween look this year and I’m definitely going to get it before this Halloween to recreate the look! The colours look so pretty and soft!

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