New Flat, New Me, New Blog?

So you may or may not know, I moved flat. I feel like I’m pretty much the only person to have ever crossed the river in London and moved from North to South (it’s a thing ok!). And while the flat is far from ready to show you round, I thought I’d update you with what it means for my blog…. and yes, the flat tour will be coming soon!

In essence, I’m still here! Still rambling about makeup and skincare and other random topics. While this is titled ‘new flat, new me, new blog’ nothing is actually changing as such! It’s just given me a new lease of life, a reason to refocus and reset. I, like many people, have let myself go a little during lockdown, and I’m hoping this not only revitalises my desire to eat better and move more, but to spend a little more time focusing on the things I love (rather than sleeping all the time!).

So I’ll be heading back here a little more frequently with my new set up (which you can sort of see here). With my MAC, my sticky back marble paper, my pink Primark mask and my new potted friend!

I’ve now also lifted my spending ban, so hopefully I’ll have some new goodies to share with you any day now (I already have a few new items from Tarte I want to share my opinions on any day now) and I’m already starting to get into my skincare more and more so don’t be alarmed if that starts popping up more often!

But essentially, there’s no point me writing this if no one wants to read it! So if you have any blog posts you want me to write, or bring back or whatever, let me know and I can add them to list!

But here’s to a great 2021, where hopefully life can start to get back to normal!

Katie x

30 thoughts on “New Flat, New Me, New Blog?

    1. Aww, yeah I’ve lived with flatmates, two years completely on my own and now I live with the boyf! Each is such a learning curve… but moving out from your family home into any situation really helps you find the independence to get you to do things! And you don’t have your parents judging your every mood! hahaha

    1. Yeah! We’re getting there, just missing a few final touches! By the time I finish it it’ll be Christmas time, so I’ll have to do a festive and non festive flat tour! haha

  1. There’s a weird hate between north and south of the river, but the only thing I hate about south of the river is the lack of tube stations so you can get about easier

    1. Oh yeah me too! My boyfriend grew up in the South (while I only moved to London 3 years ago) so I allowed him to play the my side of the river card. But in return demanded we live somewhere with half decent transport networks! hahah x

    1. tbf it wasn’t too bad… just had to wear face masks while lugging things through the apartment block which was kind of tough! (sweating and getting out of breath in a face mask is not a pleasant experience!)

  2. Congratulations on the move!!! I’ve never shifted house since I was a child, so I can’t remember what that was like. But I can imagine it must be quite exciting to hit a reset on everything. All the best! 🙂

    1. I didn’t move house at all for 18 years, and then I went to Uni and now I’ve been trying to find my long term home in London, but I’m definitely getting there 🙂 x

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