When A Brand Repackages And It’s Not The Same

B. Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

You know when you have products you love more than anything… and then you hear the brand has repackaged and you’re filled with a mixed sense of excitement and dread? Yeah, that was me with B. Cosmetics. I know many of you are probably thinking ‘B who?’. Yeah, I think that’s partly the reason they did it.

B. Cosmetics is Superdrugs own brand makeup line. And, while I thought very little (or next to nothing) about the makeup in the range, I LOVED the makeup brushes. They were soft, there were plenty of bristles, and the handles were soft and easy to hold. You had pretty much every brush you needed (though did feel like the line lacked a few eye brushes you needed).

B. Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

The packaging is fundamentally the same, but with some changed of colours. The grey handles now black, the silver setting also black and the bristles now white. The old and new packaging are both gorgeous and really inoffensive. I had 4 of the original brushes, and replaced 3 of them with the new brush line. And here are my thoughts

Powder Brush

The original brush was dense but soft, and applied powder effortlessly. The new brush? Yeah it’s a little lackluster. It feels like it needs twice the number of bristles and so takes a lot longer to do what the old brush did.

Contour/Blush Brush

So I never used this for contour, it was always a blush brush to me and I’ve loved how you could swipe a blush right across the cheek bone in one easy swipe. Just like the powder brush it feels like they’ve massively cut down on the bristles. However, I still feel like it wields similar results.

Concealer Brush / Eye Blending Brush

So these aren’t actually a direct copy for each other, however I did use to use the concealer brush for eyeshadow. Now whether it’s because the newer version is actually an eyeshadow brush or what, but this is the one replacement I actually prefer. It’s big, and fluffy, and perfect for that quick, effortless eyeshadow look. This brush I’m all for.

B. Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

This is the perfect case of the ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’. I get wanting to reinvent your brand so that it’s on the forefront of people’s minds, but why completely change a range that really worked. Now the new brushes are far from bad, but they are certainly not as good as the original.

Just frustrating really.

Have you tried the new/old brushes? What did you think?

Katie x

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