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You know when you realise you’ve made it half way through the year and you’re not really sure where it went? I feel like this year is more that than ever. Thanks to a pesky Covid-19 it’s taken the year in a way nothing has before.

However, I’ve still been using products and still loved them as I would usually! So, thought I’d jump over here and share them with you

Expressie Nail Polish

I’m obsessed with these! Pigmented, easy to apply, quick to dry and all in some pretty shades. To be fair, I’m a fan of Essie nail polishes in general but I’m actually a fan of these smaller ones! And the shade ‘Second Hand, First Love’ is beautiful and the best everyday colour you could think of. I’m determined to finish a nail polish in some time in my life.

Mac Studio Fix Foundation

So I know everyone used to rave about Mac foundations and people have since gone quiet… but I still think they’re pretty fab! This is a great buildable foundation in beautiful shades that applies really easily! If I’m looking for a full coverage foundation this is totally the one I always reach for… love it!

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Now, while I’m a massive fan of the Studio Fix Foundation, I honestly think my favourite foundation of all time, hands down, without a date, put a gun to my head (I’m not dramatic), is the IT CC Cream. It’s actually got incredible coverage considering (although no mistake, it’s not a high coverage foundation), it’s beyond easy to apply and it looks beautiful on the skin.

ABH Soft Glam Palette

I remember having the Modern Renaissance palette and never thought the world could do better. And then this popped along. This is my go to palette when I want to create an everyday eyeshadow look. As you can see, I’ve hit pan on a shadow hard and there’s a few more not far behind. They’re gorgeous, pigmented, easy to blend and the shimmer shades are gorgeous!

HUDA Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions

Another one of my favourite palettes, but this is actually a favourite to travel with. This has all the warm matte shades you could ever want. And that shimmery gold shade in the middle is the most buttery shimmer I have ever felt in my entire life. Like seriously beyond gorgeous. But I actually just love all these shades; it has a gorgeous peachy pink, a few purples, a red, two browns and an orange. What more could you want?

Max Factor Creme Bronzer in Light Gold

Probably the worst named product in the world considering there’s nothing cream about it at all. But this is a beautiful every day bronzer, and this is actually my second one believe it or not. I considered not including it because I feel like I’ve spoken about this a million times, but it felt wrong to write a favourites post and not include it… so here we are

L’Oreal Brilliant Signature High Shine Lip Ink

So I have the shade Be Successful and it’s GORGEOUS! Glossy, pigmented, easy to wear, fairly long lasting, wears beautifully (but is in no way transfer resistant) and super affordable! I only have the one shade, but I’m totally going to pick up some more! These are just stunning!

L’Oreal Blush Paint Palette

Weirdly most of my favourite blushes are high end, and while I’m still a fan of my NARS blushes and all the other ones in my collection, I’m actually just as much a fan of this and it’s cheaper! Plus, you get 5 for the price of one. And that copper shade at the end, while it’s not really a blush for me, it’s a beautiful eyeshadow colour too!

Pixi Glow Tonic

I was one of those people who didn’t believe in this product. I saw every Tom, Dick and Harry raving about this and fell into that group of ‘what skincare item can do that’… and they’re true. It’s gorgeous! It helps correct skin texture issues in a way no other product does. And actually, while it feels expensive, it’s really not when you consider how long it lasts for!

John Freida Frizz Ease Serum

So my hair is naturally fairly straight, but a little frizzy. And this seriously stops that. I don’t think it gives you the 7 days or whatever it claims to, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. It leaves my hair looking glossy and shiny but not greasy and makes my hair is just so darn soft! If this is one of those things I forget to take with me, I miss it!

And there you go. My 10 favs of the half year! Always a fan of trying new things though, so let me know your favs below

Katie x

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  1. I love this post! I recently bought 2 of the Expressie nail polishes and they’re amazing, I’ll definitely be buying some more shades! I’m yet to jump on the Pixi glow tonic wagon so maybe it’s finally time! x

    1. Yeah they were on my collection for years! And I feel like MAC is starting to slip from people’s minds with all these other brands popping up. Love it though! x

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