5 Things I’ve Been Loving…

So if you’ve been here like 4 years – 1. you deserve a medal for putting up with my drivel for this long, but 2. you’ll know I hate monthly favourites. While I like reading them, and I have nothing against them, I just don’t change up my habits enough to find a whole selection of new products to talk about every month. So it ends up feeling forced, or I end up talking about products that 5 mins down the line I realise I hate.

So I stopped.

But there are still products out there I love and want to talk about. Products that have worked their way into my life and I wouldn’t quite do without. I know one of these I’ve mentioned in favourite style posts in the past, but here they are…

No.7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask £15

So my best mate bought this for me as part of of an all encompassing Birthday present last year, and it’s been sat in my makeup collection waiting it’s turn. And boy did I wish I got this out earlier. My skin has never felt more soft or hydrated! They go all out ham in the picture on the site and apply a thick white layer, but I only add a pump or two, let it settle in the face, and then wipe off a few mins later and continue with the rest of my skincare. And I tend to do this every other day. It’s done my skin a world of good!

Yankee Candle in Berry Trifle

I mean realistically, I think this category should just be candles in general, but the Yankee Candles really are some of the best and this one smells delicious. For those of you who missed my home tour (if you did, you can catch up here), I live in a studio style apartment which means food smells linger. Luckily my sense of smell is almost nonexistent, but for the nights or days when I can smell it, candles are life savers! They smell delicious, they make the area feel super cozy and they look adorable!

Max Factor Creme Bronzer in Light Gold £9.99

A fellow blogger Chanelle Hayley posted about this on her instagram the other day in a haul post and it reminded me that I haven’t spoken about this on here for a while. This (powder believe if or not, stupid name or a product I agree) bronzer is literally one of my favourites of all time. It’s natural and buildable and leaves your skin looking healthy and glowing without being glittery! This is my second one. Yes, I hit pan on a bronzer and then repurchased it!

IT CC Cream £32

Realistically for this to be a true representation of my favourite it needs to have the two shades I have in it because I’m having to mix them together. But this is literally my favourite foundation! It evens out your skintone while letting things like freckles peek through, it looks super natural and healthy on the skin and it lasts all day. I don’t have a bad thing to say about this foundation and I will 100% be getting more when my two bottles empty!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Serum £6.99

I always avoided this product because I thought it was a waste of time, however I’m now on my second bottle and I’ve never looked back. I had to live without it for a few weeks at the beginning of lockdown and I noticed it! It makes your hair glossy and healthy and super soft, but most of all I have naturally fluffy hair which is straight-ish and this just gets it all under control. Love it!

And there you go. 5 things I’m head over heels loving right now!

What are you loving at the moment?

Katie x

9 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Been Loving…

  1. Ooh that hydrating mask sounds lovely! Love masks that are easy and it’s clear to see the difference!

    I’m so excited to try the bronzer, I’ve seen such good reviews about it everywhere! Also thanks for the shoutout xx

    The IT Cosmetics CC Cream is fab too! I purchased a 12ml sample size from Sephora before Christmas, I started using it in January and I’ve still got some left. I have a petite face and like a relatively natural looking coverage so I don’t need to use much at a time. I’ve probably got one or two uses left x

      1. I might look at repurchasing at some stage, would be tempted to pick up the sample size again as it works out roughly the same the purchase three of the 12ml size tubes as one of the full size tubes x

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