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As you may or may not remember, I live in London. Which means renting is expensive. Like next level expensive. However, I’ve been able to find a little (& nice, may I add) space in West London I can call home. It’s a one bedroom studio, with a nice kitchen and a modern bathroom and I’m 100% going to miss it when the time comes to move on.

So to celebrate just how much I love my little flat, here are a few pointless pictures for you! Pointless as in those estate agent pictures where they’re too close to the crockery of it’s a macro image where they’ve focused on a door handle and you can only see a blurred image of the rest of the flat in the background. You know the ones?

Anyhow, that’s how I thought I’d share with you today a snipped of my flat. So enjoy, not much else to say…

And there you go. No place like home ey? Most furniture is from IKEA and most of the soft furnishings are from TK Maxx (completely love that shop you know! If you haven’t been in one, get out from under your rock and go… especially the homewear section… and if you’re lucky enough to live near a Homesense, then I hate you- joke, just really jealous!)

Lemme know where you call home!

Katie x

8 thoughts on “Flat Tour 2020 | Where I Call Home

  1. Finding a spot in London is a challenge, I’m sure- isn’t it one of the most expensive cities in the world? I love your little space- cozy, feels like home, with lots of cute + personal touches.

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Oh yeah, I pay above and beyond for my flat, but it’s not too expensive considering the area etc. London’s mentally expensive, you accept that £1300+ is perfectly normal for a one bed flat when it gets you an entire 3 bed house everywhere else! x

  2. Aww your flat is so cute, I am so jealous you have a little one-bed, I’m 30 and I am still house sharing haha. It must be nice to have your own space and not worry about having to wait for someone to finish in the bathroom or finish cooking etc. I live in Bermondsey so South East, I really like it but rents are ridiculous!

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