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When you put a spending ban on yourself, you have to find some other way to try and use ‘new’ products to mix up your routine. So, instead of heading down the shops (which we’re not allowed to do for another 2 weeks anyway), I’m reaching down to the back of my drawers. Finding things I once loved and then almost forgot existed. Not because they’re bad, or I don’t love them or any emotion really, but purely because I have one face and there’s only so much makeup I can put on it.

I’ve set a challenge. Find 5 products that I haven’t used in forever and start slapping them on my face. And in a similar way to any other challenge, I’ll update you at the end of the month with how it’s gone. But, if you’re feeling impatient (I know I would), then I’ll keep you up to date over on Insta Stories throughout the month (@katieemmabeauty).

So, let’s get into it and share you the products I’m going to start using….

CYO Long Lasting Foundation | I remember buying this after That Tayla recommended it over and over again in her videos. I then picked it up, and if memory serves me right, I actually kinda liked it. Also, can’t believe I’ve never reviewed it. I’m not sure if that means I hate it or I just didn’t get round to it. But, I do know, it’s in my collection, and I want to give it a go again.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Boheme | I feel like GOSH is such an underrated brand. Like seriously, why does no one talk about it? I can’t say I’ve tried everything from their range, but most things I have I’ve enjoyed. And their lipsticks are really nice. While I frequently wear their liquid lips, their bullet lipsticks I often forget about. So thought I’d drag this one out the dust and give it a go!

MAC Eyeshadow Palette | I mean it hurts my soul a little to think how much money I’ve spent on this. And it hurts me even more to think how little I actually use it. Like I wouldn’t say MAC eyeshadows are the best in the market, but they’re definitely a strong contender. Plus, these shades are stunning, let’s face it.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer | Oh benefit. I’m pretty sure this is one of the most iconic products to have ever come out in the makeup world, and the formula is exceptional. But, I really don’t know why, but this just got used less and less as time went on…

ABH Roses Matte Lipstick in Dead | I mean, cheerful sounding colour right. Dead. Wow, thanks ABH. Anyhow, getting past that. This used to be part of a multi-pack, but bit by bit I’ve got rid of the rest of them. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve never given these a chance, and now is the time. I’m actually going to start using it. If I keep saying it it’ll come true right. Or is that the sign of insanity?

And there you go. The products I’m aiming to use more this month.

What products do you find are in the back of your cupboard collecting dust?

Katie x

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