3 Outfits I’m Actually Wearing During Lockdown

So it’s no secret that the world has been forced to work from home… and so therefore it’s no secret that a lot of us have either been tempted to or have been working in their PJs or joggers or something equally comfortable. Do you not remember when all the online retailers said they saw an increase in tops sales, but not bottoms? You know, video call fashion and all!

However, I’m one of those people who needs to get up, get dressed and actually get ready like I’m going to leave the house to be ready to work. I learnt quite early that getting dressed as like I’m going to work makes me actually ready to work. All the way down to brushing my hair and sorting out my brows.

And while I often spend my evenings in my PJs and my weekends in over sized t-shirts, I thought it was worth sharing with you some of the outfits I’ve been wearing over the past weeks.

I learnt quite quickly after purchasing this jumper is that I really suit red! There’s something about it, and especially this jumper that really suits me. I have to say I bought this jumper some time ago from Debenhams (such an underrated store, and I hope they make it through this), so I’m actually so surprised you can still get hold of it, but coloured high necked jumpers? Yup, they’re for me!

Glasses and earrings are from Primark, shoes are from Dorothy Perkins and the bracelet is from Pandora.

Then can we take a moment to appreciate these jeans? I’ve always been a super skinny, super high waisted jeans that feel almost too tight round the ankles. And I was like 100% sure I’d never go for anything else ever again. Then Mom jeans became a thing, I had a pair from TopShop and they just didn’t fit properly – they were waaaay to loose around the waist and bum and then uncomfortably tight around the thighs.

Then walked in the New Look Lift & Shape Mom Jeans. God these are amazing! Thick, structured jeans that feel good quality and have that retro feeling. They fit perfectly round the waist, pulls my bum in perfectly. And then they are slimming around the thighs (but not too tight) and then straighten off a little around the bottom.

I just love these and thought they deserved a shoutout. What are your fav jeans?

So for those days I just need to get too much work done and I’m not sure how I’m going to get through it all, I proper dress up for the office. And in a proper New Look appreciation post, both the camel coloured trousers and the top are both from New Look! Literally love these so much! Feel like a proper city chic and because the sleeves are see through and the trousers are a satin-y blend material, they don’t feel too heavy or warm (which lets face it, is getting slowly more important as the heatwave goes on).

Just gorgeous!

Last outfit. And now this is the one that makes me feel like a proper cool kid. Dark wine red pleather shorts, cool black and white heart shirt, high top black boots, sunglasses, and heart earrings? Don’t really get cooler than that.

Also, I so miss wearing heeled boots and going out about the town… feel short!

What outfits are you wearing at the moment?

Katie x

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25 thoughts on “3 Outfits I’m Actually Wearing During Lockdown

  1. These all look so cute! I love the first one even though red doesn’t suit me 😂 actually I think if anything a jumper would so I’ll have to look out for one! The earings you paired with it are gorgeous too. I recently got some grey and white striped trousers from H&M and I’ve been living in them whilst alternating between various crop tops 😂 Great post! ✨💕

  2. I have been living in all the PJ’s and athleisure! When I have a video call I have been rocking the quarantine mullet – business on the top PJ’s on the bottom. Ha!

    1. Hahahahahah that’s hilarious! Money’s tight for me atm, so I’m on a strong spending ban, but it means that I’m really starting to love the things I already own! x

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