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Who doesn’t love it when the drugstore launches a foundation that encompasses every shade you could think of? So when I discovered Rimmel’s new-ish Lasting Matte range in Superdrug just before lockdown started I have to say I was pretty excited.

It’s mega affordable with a RRP of £7.99 for the foundation and £6.49 for the concealer. The packaging is inoffensive and simple and the shades I have suit my skin tone well – although it amuses me greatly that the concealer shade is literally ‘ illuminator’, which is sort of a slap round the face for how pale I am, so thank Rimmel, thanks a lot!

New Rimmel Lasting Matte

However, spoiler alert, the shade name is not what I hate most about this product… I just hate it full stop. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a foundation more. Urgh.

It’s a matte finish, described on the website as a ‘mousse formula transforms into a powder finish’. However, it looks sooo powdery on the skin that that’s clearly backfired.

New Rimmel Lasting Matte 3

It does that horrible thing where it emphasises every dry patch of your skin, including those you didn’t even realise you had. And as someone who doesn’t particularly suffer from dry skin, I’d hate to think that it would do to those who do.

Then you apply the concealer and they both congeal together and form these like little balls on your face… urgh it’s giving me nightmare

For that reason I can’t particularly comment on the wear time as it’s not something I’ve worn all day.

New Rimmel Lasting Matte 2

I feel dreadful bashing on Rimmel so hard because their match perfection foundation is really lovely, they have some of my favourite lipsticks in the world and they really are one of my favourite drugstore brands, but this has really missed the mark.

New Rimmel Lasting Matte 1

A short and sweet one for today, as I felt so bad bashing a brand I actually really have a lot of respect for. But I felt I wanted to share my opinions before I find a way to safely and environmentally get rid of these.

Have you tried these products? Have you had such a disastrous time with them…?

Katie x

9 thoughts on “Review | Rimmel Lasting Matte Foundation & Concealer

  1. Aww, sorry this didn’t work out for you! Hopefully those with oily skin get on better with it 🙂 Rimmel is such a great brand though x

  2. Got to laugh when people comment saying they sound like great products when they clearly didn’t read your review hehe! I haven’t had the best results with Rimmel’s newer base products. They used to nail it every time, but the last year or so, the launches have been disappointing xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. omg I know, it proper makes me chuckle! And I know what you mean, it feels like either Rimmel have dropped the game recently or the makeup industry is now just so strong we require bigger stuff now! Thanks for reading x

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