5 Things I Don’t Use Anymore

5 Things I Don't Use 1

You know those things you used to love and now just sit at the back of the drawer collecting dust? Not because they’re not good anymore, or your opinion of them has really gone down, or for any real reason. But because time has moved on, you’ve grown past them and the beauty community just moves REALLY quickly!

There was a whole trend built around this concept a few years back called the ‘Shop Your Stash’, and I’m pretty sure I’ve done some of those, but today I’m literally going to lay out five products I used to be obsessed with! Products that are still exceptional, and I would still recommend, but products that have just slowly been replaced

5 Things I Don't Use Anymore

Smashbox Contour Kit | When I first bought this palette, I literally only used one shade. But I used that one shade pretty much every single day. But I feel like it’s because I bought this palette at a time when I didn’t have any bronzers I actually liked. So, now I find myself actually using all three shades, just don’t find myself using them very often…

Anastasia Modern Renaissance | Oh the classic Modern Renaissance palette. Still an iconic palette. Still brilliant. And still one of the best things out there. But with the release of their Soft Glam palette, I feel like it’s replaced what this palette was for. I mean have you put them side by side? They’re remarkably similar. And my favourite shade, burnt orange, is in both palettes!

5 Things I Don't Use Anymore 2

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Rich List | This was the first pigment I ever owned, and I’m pretty sure the first single eyeshadow I ever owned (unless you’re counting the Mac ones… but I always put those straight in a palette). And I went through a stage of really really loving this.. however I now have a POP Beauty and Ella Eden one that I love just that much more that I completely forget about this…

L’Oreal True Match Highlighter in Icy Glow | I feel like both the powder and liquid version of this highlight both fall into this category. One of the first real highlighters I tried (past the Sleek Solstice palette). This is still a classic, but I actually don’t find myself reaching for it that much anymore…

5 Things I Don't Use Anymore 1

Bourjois Healthy Balance Matte Finish Powder | Last and by no means least, the Bourjois Healthy Balance Matte Finish Powder. I also feel like in this category should be the Bourjois foundations. All, once upon a time, my holy grail favourite products in the whole wide world. And while they’re still pretty good, I’ve just tried so many more now that they just don’t stand out as much as they used to!

Do you have any products you used to LOVE and now find yourself never using?

Katie x

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  1. Owwnn! I still use Smashbox’s Contour Palette and ABH’s Modern Renaissance palette. But I understand why you don’t use it anymore..

  2. This is SUCH an interesting blog post! It’s definitely made me intrigued to root through my drawers and find products I don’t use but maybe should go back to!xx

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