Lipsticks Of The Week | March 19

lipsticks march 19

This is still a blog post I do every month! I’m still tempted to do an eyeshadow look of the week post… but I just can’t find a way to photograph them nicely! Anyhow, I’m returning to the lipsticks of the week monthly post! These are the 7 lipsticks I’ve worn in the last week. I still LOVE to write these posts and they continue to force me to wear all my lipsticks!

Lipsticks of the Week March

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Budapest | Do after not knowing where my NYX lipsticks were for months… I found them tucked in a handbag in the back of my home wardrobe! So it almost feels like they’re new to me again! These lipsticks are so easy to wear and super pigmented!

L’Oreal Rouge Signature I Speak Up | Possibly the brightest lipstick in my collection. But also, possibly my favourite lipstick in my collection! While it’s bright, it’s surprisingly wearable and it wears all day before budging!

Lipsticks of the Month March 1

NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Burning Love | One of the two beautiful red lipsticks this week (I’m actually really into a red lip!). I feel like this is definitely the lippie that required a lip liner, but apart from that it’s truly gorgeous!

Rimmel Stay Matte Velvet Lipstick in Pink Blink | Another one of those random lipsticks I found in my makeup bag! I definitely feel like in my next declutter there’s a lot of these I could get rid of, as they’re really not my favourite formula. But, as I hadn’t tried them for months, I thought it was worth giving them a go!

Lipsticks of the Month March 2

Inglot LipStain in 306 | Like the only thing I have from this brand. However, I’ve been really really impressed! This is a classic your lips but better colour, and while the lipstick drags a little on application, it’s a really comfortable lipstick to wear! I just feel a little like it’s going to dry out before I’ve finished it

L’Oreal in I Am Worth It | The second red of the week, and this is one of those red lipsticks that I feel like don’t really need a lip liner! Like the one earlier in this week, this is a super pigmented, light weird, long lasting lipstick!

Lipsticks of the Month March 4

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Charmed | The only lipstick I’ve ever repurchased and only one of two I’ve ever finished. And that’s truly because it’s my go to lipstick (alongside Velvet Teddy). Literally love it! My favourite nude, super easy to apply, wears well and long lasting!

What lipsticks did you wear this week?

Katie x

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