Worth The Hype? | Juvias Place Mini Masquerade Palette

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So any of you who have watched Nikkie Tutorials would have heard of the Mini Masquerade palette by Juvia’s Place! I feel like this brand specifically is her most raved about ever and this was pretty much where it all began. Although, I do remember when she first mentioned it thinking ‘OMG £30! That’s so expensive!’… strange how time changes things

juvias place

Anyhow, this palette has 16 eyeshadow shades, all contained in a very vibrant and colourful and actually surprisingly sturdy cardboard box. The palette comes with 5 matte shades and 11 shimmer shades and the colours in it are gorgeous! We have 4 greens/blues, a purple, two burgundy shades, a pink, two champagnes, 4 varying shades of brown and shimmery orangy-gold and a shimmery coppery-gold.

juvias place 2

The pigmentation of these shades seriously are impressive. Much like Nikkie Tutorials say, they’re possibly the most pigmented shadows ever. And one think I do have to say, unlike a lot of shadows that go on pigmented and blend out to nothing, these stay pigmented and vibrant even after blending. They also blend like a dream and last really well on the eyes!

juvias place 1

I love how adventurous you can be with this palette and just how many looks you can create! Yes, it’s a very warm toned eyeshadow palette. But also, I really do love it! Also, as you probably know by now, I can never have enough warm toned shadows!

juvias place 4

Swatched from left to right (above): Bori, Calabar, Zobo, Makeda, Zola, Dalia, Mali & Chi

Swatched from left to right (below): Fulani. Casablanca, Zulu, Dahia, Ada, Cairo, Burkina, Giza

juvias place 3

Gorgeous right? You can pick it up on Beauty Bay in the UK for £30! Bargain to me!

Have you tried this palette, or any other of the Juvia’s Place palettes? Let me know what you think!

Katie x

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