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So I took a few days off (sorry not sorry) – I know we only just broke for Christmas, but there’s something about January that just becomes a little too much. However, never fear, I’m back! And I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products to use on my face – more specifically, my go to primer, foundation, concealer & powder!

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DISCLAIMER: Little background on me… I’m actually one of those people who wears a full face of makeup pretty much every day. Some would say this is dreadful and I shouldn’t do it and what am I thinking and blah blah. However, it’s my face, it’s my life. And, also, I find putting on a full face of makeup gets me ready for the day. It’s when I know that shit needs to get done and it’s my way of getting dressed for the day. In summary, I do it for myself

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Now that’s out the way… here are my favourite products:

Figs & Rouge Soft Focus Pore Perfect Primer | I mean, first and foremost, this is the most beautiful packaging I’ve ever seen… but also I love this product! It’s a pore filling primer that has a little bit of tack. I don’t find it is the most long wearing primer ever, but it’s one of those primers that makes your foundation apply like a dream, and does make it look better for a little longer!

Dior Backstage Foundation (1W) and Maybelline Superstay Foundation (05) | Might seem a little excessive to mix two together, but the Maybelline is too light for me and the Dior is waaay to dark for me. So I find together they work really really well! Apart they’re both really good buildable, high coverage, long lasting foundations. But together, it’s like they’re as equally awesome, but now the colour matches. I also find the Maybelline has slightly more coverage, but the Dior is longer lasting…. so together they’re great!

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Cover FX Cream Corrector (X-Light) | This is a heavy duty concealer, with high coverage, however I don’t find it creases too much. However, it is quite a thick and sticky formula, so I find it best to blend with my finger tips (as the warmth of my fingers help) and then I find a loose setting powder is best… or your bronzer/highlighter/whatever you apply over the top sticks to it. However, the coverage really is good!

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer (C3) | This is pretty much my exact skintone and it has really nice coverage. So I find this is the perfect concealer for my face to cover spot scarring or anything…

Although, I have to say, with the two foundations I use, I really don’t use much concealer, as I don’t find I really need any

base routine 3

RCMA No-Colour Powder | After seeing everyone in the universe raving about this, I knew I needed to try it. And BeautyBay came through. This is a really really good setting powder! I find there is no flashback, no alteration in the colour of your foundation, it leaves your skin feeling and looking super flawless and soft, and it doesn’t look dry. Seriously, if you have not tried this powder, it’s the one thing I would say you NEED to try!

For reference, I apply everything with a beauty sponge (pretty much!)

What’s your go to base routine? Anything you think I should try?

Katie x

7 thoughts on “My Current Go-To Base Routine

  1. I’m someone who needs to get ready to start my day or else I feel sluggish and unmotivated. I sometimes do my makeup even if I’m just going to be at home all day and people may ask why and it’s simple. Makeup is a routine for me to “wake myself up”. It’s like how others would go into the kitchen to make themselves a cup of coffee to start their day. By putting on makeup it makes me look more awake and when I look awake I feel awake haha! I know super weird. Makeup is fun to wear and I wear a full face of makeup as well and it has nothing to do with “I think i need it” it’s more of “wow I think this blush looks so cute I’m going to wear it with this highlighter as well!” People are quick to judge but really it’s not that deep sometimes. You rock your makeup, girl!

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