Best ‘Cheap’ Palette EVER!?

Wet n Wild Rose in the air Palette
Wet n Wild Rose in the air Palette

You know when you spend like £35 on a palette and you feel kind of underwhelmed by the whole experience… and then you spend like £3.50 on a palette and you’re completely blown away and you feel like that £35 could have been better spent on a McDonald’s, a new pair of jeans and a mahusive box of tea? Well yeah, that’s kinda what happened.

After sharing with you all my favourite ever palettes ever yesterday, I thought I would instantly make that post out of date, by adding an 11th. I mean, I know what you’re all saying, why didn’t I just add it in then? Well… to be honest I have no idea. However, here’s my review of the Wet n Wild Rose in the Air Palette.

Wet n Wild Rose in the air Palette

Little background on the product. Wet n Wild is an American super affordable drugstore brans that you can get here in the UK on Beauty Bay. They have these 10 pan eyeshadow palettes for £3.75?! Which, let’s face it, is insane! The one I have here is….. well… a warm toned neutral palette. Shock!

Wet n Wild Rose in the air Palette

I love how the palettes are laid out. With two large matte transition shades (which are right up my street), six stunning matte shades and two shimmers. While I love the colour layout… I really do feel like it could do with just one more shimmer shade… but I’m just nitpicking.

The packaging is simple and nothing exceptional. It doesn’t come with a mirror, but I don’t mind it so much, because I quite like the clear window packaging, as you can easily see what shadows you have without having to open everything.

Wet n Wild Rose in the air Palette

The impressive thing about this palette is the pigment… I mean seriously this palette is impressive. Below I have the swatches, and I really didn’t put too much on my finger before swatching! Many cheaper palettes apply onto the lid initially and you’re like ‘omg wow, so pigmented’ and then you blend it out and you’re more like ‘oh… where on Earth did it go?!’. This does not do that. The shades go on pigmented, and they blend out, and stay pigmented.

Wet n Wild Rose in the air Palette

I find they’re super long lasting, and throughout the day, when I wear these, I find people commenting on how nice my makeup looks! I find the mattes in here so much more impressive than the shimmers – which is so backwards when it comes to the standard ‘cheaper’ palette. The shimmers are fine, but the mattes are impressive! Therefore I really do find I tend to mix this with a shimmer from another palette, but putting that aside (or if you love a fully matte look) then this is a stunning palette to travel with. Because you can go from the super natural, soft look (with the pink-mauve shade) to the super bold (with the stunning orange to the bright purple/pink)

Wet n Wild Rose in the air Palette Swatches

So overall, this palette is stunning! For the price point (and actually putting the price point aside), these are some of the best matte shades I’ve ever tried! The shimmers are a little meh, and as you can probably tell from the swatches above, they’re not that shimmery (can you even tell which shades are meant to be the shimmery ones… probably not right?). However, I really don’t care… this palette is GORGEOUS! Highly highly recommend!

Have you ever tried this palette? Or anything else from Wet n Wild, I’d love to try more from the brand!

Katie x

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13 thoughts on “Best ‘Cheap’ Palette EVER!?

  1. Wet n Wild do some fab cheap pieces. Their Megalast lipstick is a great formula!! The packaging cracked on mine quickly but can you even be mad at that price tag?? X

  2. I’m so happy that Wet’n’Wild is easily available in the UK now, as it’s always seemed like such a good brand! This palette swatches so well too, and all of the shades look so pretty xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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