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So I feel like every YouTuber in the World talks about this and so I knew I NEEDED to try it! Also… I feel like I should probably talk about something that isn’t a warm toned palette! Possibly the most hyped ‘drugstore’ bronzer in the world – the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer – I thought I’d add my opinion to the mix… because obviously enough people haven’t spoken about this yet…

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So, while this counts as a drugstore product, it isn’t really in that drugstore price bracket. This bronzer is $14.99 (around £11.50) for 11g (which is about the average). The packaging does feel a little cheap, it has that sort of cheap plastic feel, but I do love the colour palette – it definitely makes it stand out! It has the bronzer at the top, then a ‘secret’ compartment below with the World’s most pointless brush in – seriously what is this for?!

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The first thing that hits you about this bronzer (other than the cool effect they have pressed in) is the slightly overwhelming coconut scent. Now, if you like coconut… you might like this. Me? I hate coconut, and it instantly left a bad taste in my mouth. Although, I can happily report, while you can smell it from the minute you open it, once it’s actually applied to your face, you can’t smell it anymore… so it’s ok

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The shade I have is the lightest one they offer (shock) which is Light Bronzer, and while it’s nice they offer a multitude of shades, they are still all relatively pale. However, this does work for me, so I personally have no issues. However, even though it is the palest shade, this bronzer is pigmented.. so the first time I applied this I went overboard and looking a little bronzed out.

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This is definitely a bronzer and not a contour. It’s a warm bronzer, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Once I’d established to go in with a slightly lighter hand, and got used to the scent (as much as I could), and ignore the brush, I have to say this is a really nice bronzer! It’s super blendable, that glowy bronzer bronze, and it does look really nice on the skin! While the powder is matte, the warmth behind it is what gives it life. It really is a beautiful bronzer.

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So while I really do think this is a decent product, is it the best bronzer I’ve ever tried? No. I prefer my Max Factor Creme Bronzer for a healthy glow style bronzer and my Body Shop Honey Bronzer for a matte bronzer so much more! And so, for that reason, I don’t think it quite stands up to the hype…

While I’m on hypes.. I feel like they build you up to expect the World from one product. I almost feel like if this was just a normal bronzer I would have probably loved it, but because I was just expecting that much more from it, I found I was left feeling a little deflated… even though it was a really good product. Weird right?

Have you ever tried this bronzer? If so, what did you think?


14 thoughts on “Worth The Hype? | Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

  1. I’ve heard great things about it but like the benefit bronzer I feel like some things are just over hyped. I didn’t necessarily liked the benefit bronzer because I ended up giving it to my sister. But great post! I love how you went through every detail from packaging to the scent!

  2. It wasn’t until recently I heard other bloggers mention this bronzer comes in more than one shade, I was like, why has no one mentioned this before?! I’m not a fan of coconut scents either and it’s good to know the scent doesn’t linger once applied to the face x

    1. I know, I totally didn’t realise I’d even bought the lightest shade until it arrived and then I started doing a bit of research to write this post! hahah! Good job I bought the lightest shade (as I’m suuuuper pale) otherwise it wouldn’t have worked! x

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