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A slightly weird one from me today… but we all know how much I love subscription boxes! Well it gets no difference as to what’s in it… I just love receiving things monthly, neatly packaged up into a convenient little box. This time round I’m reviewing the Brushbox!


This is a bi-monthly subscription service (as in it comes every other month) with a brand new toothbrush and some toothpaste! At just £3.50 per month for one person (getting cheaper pp the more people you have being served with one box), the box comes with a toothbrush of your design, whether you go for a classic or a bamboo brush like I had.

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The toothbrush, despite being made of wood, is actually pretty sturdy and waterproof. The bristles are fairly harsh (when compared with an electric toothbrush). But when you get used to this, it really is a nice toothbrush. In fact, I actually find sometimes it makes my teeth feel cleaner than it does with my electric toothbrush…. maybe I need to get mine looked at, or maybe this just really is a good product! Who knows!

Brushbox 2

You then get ‘2 months supply of toothpaste’. Equating to two tubes. The tubes are simple, classic, to the point, with no frills of pointless rubbish on them, each each tube contains 50g of product.

The toothbrush claims to be whitening, though I have to say I haven’t noticed this yet (I’ve been using this toothpaste for about a month). However, I really do like the taste. It’s a mint toothpaste that’s somewhere inbetween your Colgate and your Oral B toothpaste. As in it’s minty, but not so overwhelming that you then can’t drink tea for hours after using it. It has a slightly gritty texture on first use, but I believe this is due to beads in the toothpaste that then burst and ‘dissolve’ upon use, meaning the toothpaste foams up nicely.

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You can add loads of extras to your box, like the ‘funky floss’ or the ‘talented tongue cleaner’ (odd names, I know), but all these come with small extra costs. And delivery is free/included within the cost.

Brushbox 4

Overall a sweet little box. If you’re super lazy, or forget to do things like replace your toothbrush every 2 months (yup, that’s me!) then this may be for you. For £6.99 (for each box) it makes each item just under £2.50, so fairly reasonable.

I will continue to use the toothpaste, and I am slightly intrigued by the toothbrush… however, I do feel like I’d rather stick to my trusty Colgate…

Have you ever considered trying something like this?

Katie x

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