New | NYX Holographic Halo Powder

NYX Holo Graphic Halo Powder Review
NYX Holo Graphic Halo Powder Review

So NYX have launched 2 new powders, named their holographic holo powders. Available in two shades, they are £11 a pop and so relatively expensive for what they are. I’m going to keep this review short and sweet because I know exactly what I think about this product.

The packaging is cool; it’s simple, no fuss, and has slight holographic accents. It feels and looks good quality and everyone loves having both a lid to tap product out into and the general tray at the top of the product to get product from. It can be quite messy if you’ve stored this product on it’s side or upside down.. but then again, I guess that’s life.

NYX Holo Graphic Halo Powder Review

Then we get onto the product itself. It comes in two shades: Mermazing (the lighter one) and Magical (the darker, orange one). So, straight off the bat, I couldn’t use Magical, it’s WAY too dark for my skin tone. However, not complaining, it’s good to cover both light and dark skin tones.

However, this powder is just glitter. Iridescent (yup, not holographic) glitter. I think it might work really nicely as a powdered highlighter for a festival or something like that. But for everyday it’s just way too glittery. You see bits of glitter all over your face and I’m seriously not all about that life. It also clings to patches, which means you have to have really set your face very well before using it.

NYX Holo Graphic Halo Powder Review

Overall maybe good fun for a festival, but realistically really not that useable.

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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  1. I’m seeing quite a few “festival” makeup lately – the ones with bold intense colors that might not be practical for everyday wear. Kind of like the clothes supermodels wear on the runway… pretty, but you can’t really wear them in real life. What’s up with that, I wonder? 🙃

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