New | L’Oreal Le Petite Palettes

L'Oreal Le Petite Palettes Review
L'Oreal Le Petite Palettes Review

As well as their larger palette I spoke about the other day, L’Oreal have also launched some rather adorable 5 shade miniature palettes, aptly names Le Petite Palette. (Petite meaning small in French btw). There are 5 different palettes in total, but I only chose the two that really spoke to me… i.e. the 2 with all the warm shades in. Seriously, if you saw my favourite palette post, I have an issue.

The palettes are £7.99 a pop, and so reasonably priced. Each palette comes with 5 shades, mainly shimmer, but with one or two matte shades and they look sweet.

L'Oreal Le Petite Palettes Review

I love the packaging. I know they don’t come with a mirror, but they’re only little palettes, so any mirror really wouldn’t be useful. I like how they’re laid out, how they open, the little peep window, the closure, everything. For packaging L’Oreal get full marks.

I have two palettes out of the five. In the photo above, the one on the left is Maximalist, and the palette on the right is Nudist. Maximalist contains two mattes (a super warm orange-red and a dark cooler-toned brown) and three shimmers, and Nudist contains one matte (a burgundy-red) and 4 shimmers. While the shades are absolutely stunning and I love them, I feel like the palette layouts are a little questionable. They’re quite difficult to make a look out of on their own without looking like a glitterball. However, paired with other palettes (that offer more matte shades) I LOVE these colours.

L'Oreal Le Petite Palettes Review

And now onto formula. These palettes don’t really swatch very well, which I don’t quite get. But on the eyes they do just work. They’re not as crazy pigmented as like Anastasia Beverly Hills, but they build up to be absolutely stunning and so I feel like they’re quite easy to use and work with. They blend out really well and they last surprisingly long.

They’re quite difficult to work with directly on their own, because I feel like you’re missing the lighter toned matte shades, however it is possible and I have done it. You just need to be patient, build up in layers, and don’t go too heavy too quickly.

L'Oreal Le Petite Palettes Swatches

Overall, I love these palettes, but to use with other palettes. They’re sweet, the colours are gorgeous and they’re fairly well priced. So, yes, I would recommend, but maybe not as your one and only palette.

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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