New | NYX Micro-Contour Duo Pencil

NYX Micro-Contour Duo Pencil Review
NYX Micro-Contour Duo Pencil Review

NYX have launched their own take on the precise cream contour stick in the form of their Micro-Contour Duo Pencil. Simply put, it’s a pencil that’s a contour stick on one end and a matte highlighter on the other. The product comes in 4 shades, and is £9 a pop.

My usual cream contour of choice is a contour stick by Collection. For me this is everything, affordable, blendable, mechanical and long lasting. So, I highly doubt anything will overtake it, but anything is worth a try eh?

NYX Micro-Contour Duo Pencil Review

First thing’s first, this is a pencil. And I mean that literally. It is made of wood, it smells like a pencil and it looks like a pencil. However, unlike the pencil, the product itself is super soft and does not drag on the skin. The contour shade is a really nice colour and the matte highlight does a fairly good job of highlighting, but to be honest, I never use these things anyway.

The product blends out really nicely with a beauty blender or brush and doesn’t disturb product underneath too much. With the precise nature of the product, it makes it the ideal nose contour… or lip contour (if you do such thing, however, there is a useful guide on the back of the box). However, it also does just work really well as a full face contour.

The product is fairly long lasting, obviously depending largely on the wear time of the foundation you have on underneath.

NYX Micro-Contour Duo Pencil Review

Overall, I really do like this product, it’s creamy, it’s blendable, its a good colour. However, as lazy and as pedantic as this sounds, I really can’t be bothered sharpening things (especially as right now I have no idea where my sharpener even is). And so I think I’ll stick to my Collection Precision Contour stick!

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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    1. I know. I think powdered bronzers are definitely the way forward for everyday, but if you’re a bit of a makeup hoarder (like me), sometimes having things like contour sticks and pencils can just be a little fun 😁

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