Look Fantastic | May 18

Look Fantastic Subscription Box | May 18
Look Fantastic Subscription Box | May 18

The final box today before we start a new month! Today it’s Look Fantastic. With free shipping, at least this one has no hidden costs. I have to say I completely love the bright orange box, so super summery and bright!

Avant RNA Serum 

Another anti-ageing product… are they trying to say something to me?! Putting that aside, this is a really lovely serum that feels really lovely on the skin. Can’t say much to the anti-ageing qualities (as I’m not really showing any signs of ageing), but I do like it!

Look Fantastic Subscription Box | May 18

This Works In Transit Camera Closeup 

This is a mask, moisturiser and primer all in one. It’s supposed to plump and brighten your skin with caffeine to erase signs of fatigue. Haven’t tried it yet, but everyone loves This Works!

Skin Republic Bubble Purifying and Charcoal Face Sheet Mask 

I’ve actually used one of these before, and from experience, make sure you rub the package before removing the sheet mask, as this activates the bubbles. I would say this is good fun, but I think there are other sheet masks or other masks out there that do a better job

Splotlight Teeth Whitening Strips 

Because of an allergic reaction I had a few years back and my severe tea addiction, I’m actually fairly self conscious of the colour of my teeth. So it might be nice to use something like this…. however, it does tell you to avoid tea while using it… and I just don’t think I can do that!

Look Fantastic Subscription Box | May 18

Sleek Makeup Face Contour Skit 

I’ve got one of the Sleek palettes with the bronzer, highlighter and blusher in and I LOVE IT! I feel like Sleek get powder products just so right and so this is a great little product to receive in a box!

EYEKO Eye Do Liquid Liner 

I’ve tried EYEKO liquid liners before and I’ve been fairly impressed before, so I’m happy to see this in the box. I’ve kind of gone off eyeliner a little recently, which is really unusual. But, I feel like you can’t go wrong including a black or deep brown in beauty boxes.

Have you ever tried Look Fantastic, if so what did you think?

Katie x

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