Mixing All My Foundations Together

Mixing All My Foundations Together
Mixing All My Foundations Together

So this trend has been going round the internet… it’s literally everywhere! And, while I still haven’t entirely got what it’s really about… I’m one of those people who kind of just want to do something because everyone else is – yes, I’m a little sad like that. It’s a trend where one mixes ALL their foundations together into one mega foundation, and then they wear it and see how it wears throughout the day.

Mixing All My Foundations Together

I own 9 foundations, which is more than most, but a lot less than some. My foundations really do vary from high coverage to low, dewy to matte, long wear to short wear (is that a term?) because I wear a different foundation depending on my mood and how my skin is looking. However, I thought I would mix them together all the same.

Mixing All My Foundations Together

So, in no particular order, the foundations I mixed together are: No.7 Life & Luminate, Max Factor Face Finity, Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony, LUSH Light Pink, Maybelline Superstay, Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable, Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream, Bourjois City Radiance and Body Shop Fresh Nude .

I have to say, even though there’s a small bit of everything in here, it does actually mix together to form quite a lot of product… also my foundations, while all pale, actually have slightly different undertones.

Mixing All My Foundations Together

I found actually this foundation concoction to be a little heavy, but overall it was pretty good… I just think I prefer my foundations separately.

Have you tried doing this? It’s good fun, even if a slight waste of product

Katie x

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8 thoughts on “Mixing All My Foundations Together

  1. I love that you’ve done this in a blog post. I’ve only seen it on YouTube. I definitely want to try it with mine. I have a feeling it will be a heavy formula too xxx

  2. I always mix my foundations whether its to adjust shades or adjust the formula of the foundation of my face. I either buy little plastic pots where I make the foundation cocktail (as there is always so much left over & placing it into a small little pot – means I can use it all up). Or I dot the two (or three different foundations on my face and blend it out that way.


  3. Oh my I had no idea this was a thing. I use to blend 2 together as one was too light and another a bit too dark but that was it. I don’t wear foundation anymore only CC creams. I find most foundations too drying even the ones that say they are creamier. But love cc’ creams maybe I should get a few and mix them up. Fun post!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

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