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My favourite makeup items from the brand Max Factor
My favourite makeup items from the brand Max Factor

What happened to Max Factor? Why does no one ever seem to talk about them? However, I have tried some products from them which have firmly made it into my everyday makeup and products that I use basically on the everyday. They’re at the higher end of the drugstore, and stereotypically associated with a more mature woman… however, I feel like it really does make some products that anyone can love!

If anything, Max Factor are famous for their mascaras, but I don’t actually have any that I completely love… so I’m not going to mention any… however, here are 6 products from the brand I couldn’t recommend enough!

My favourite makeup items from the brand Max Factor

I have tried only two primers from Max Factor and both of them have been absolutely incredible! First I fell in love with the Face Finity Primer, and it was the first primer I ever repurchased. This is a great moisturising primer and it works super well with the matching foundation. However, I then tried the Smooth Miracle Primer, and loved this even more! It has the moisturising benefits of the Face Finity with an added smoothing/pore filling aspect. I also think I prefer the packaging… just overall a perfect product. Will definitely repurchase when this runs out – which will be very soon!

My favourite makeup items from the brand Max Factor

Max Factor eyeshadows are not the cheapest. They’re palettes are over the £10 mark, however their quality is very very good and their colours are beautiful! I have two small palettes from them which I use literally all the time! The Masterpiece Nude Palette in 03 Rose Nudes is a beautiful, super elegant eyeshadow palette that can be built up to be more smokey. I just live this. And then my Smokey Eye Drama Kit in 03 Sumptuous Golds has the biggest dip in it, because this creates the most stunning super shimmery eye look! And it’s super compact for travelling!

My favourite makeup items from the brand Max Factor

And to finish off my favourites from the brand is my trusty Creme Bronzer in Light Gold is obviously a favourite. I feel like I’ve been speaking about this non-stop since I discovered it back in Summer and the dome of the product is now completely gone!

What are your favourites from the range?

Katie x

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