Lazy Days in Bed Essentials

Lazy Days in Bed Essentials
Lazy Days in Bed Essentials


Your bed. Single handedly the best place in the world, or at least the best place in your house. I would happily spend hours and hours in bed with a cuppa and my laptop watching the hours go by, not really achieving much, sometimes achieving everything, but forever being comfortable.

Especially with the weather in the UK getting colder and colder, nothing is nicer than sitting in a warm and comfortable bed with a nice cup of tea… so here are my essentials for the best lazy day in bed;

Lazy Days in Bed Essentials


Cushions (and lots of them)

I mean beds should have cushions/pillows anyway (if they don’t, who and what are you?), but the more cushions the more you can do that half sitting up thing in bed… which makes you feel like you’ve kind of got up and are doing things, but realistically you’re still cosy in bed.

Tea (or Coffee)

I hate coffee personally, plus I’m a massive tea addict. But a hot drink in bed is exactly what is needed. It’ll keep you warm, hydrated, and let’s face it… happy


I mean nothing is nicer than sitting in bed reading, but sometimes you just want to watch mind-numbing TV.. the kind where you can kind of switch off, doze, and come in and out of and it doesn’t matter if you miss a bit. Either that, or a film you really want to see. One that you can lay in bed and devote your full attention to.


I’m talking your favourite snacky foods, whether that be carrot sticks (I know I’m sad), sweets, or a good old fashioned cereal bar. I know some people don’t like eating in bed, but that’s why you’ve got to be smart with what you pick. For example, don’t bring a croissant to bed, because those things put crumbs everywhere! Or a flake.. bad idea.

Lazy Days in Bed Essentials


Slipper socks

Now I’m one of those people who hates wearing socks to bed… when I’m sleeping. But if I’m lazing about all day, slipper socks are amazing. They keep your feet toasty warm… AND when you get out of bed to get more tea/coffee, they stay toasty warm! Amazing!

A Good Throw

Now whether this is wool, or super fluffy, or cotton or whatever is up to you. But it’s great to have something on your bed other than your duvet (which can sometimes get a bit much… or not enough… depending how warm you keep your house) to snuggle up into, or you can give it to your partner and you steal the duvet…


Sometimes you just don’t want to stare at a screen. I know we’re the generation who are addicted to technology. But still. Sometimes you can’t beat a good old fashioned book, or a slightly less old fashioned magazine… or a newspaper… depends who you are.

Clean Sheets

Ok, name me a feeling better in the world than clean, crisp sheets? My grandmother always said if she won the lottery, it would be her dream to hire someone to change her sheets everyday. And, I have to admit, if I know I’m going to spend the next day in bed… I change my sheets… sad huh?

What are your lazy day bed essentials?

Katie x

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  1. Totally agree with this! My boyfriend doesn’t understand why I like relaxing in bed, to him it’s just the place you sleep and he likes relaxing on the sofa but it’s just not the same!

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