New | Barry M Candy Culture Nail Pail

Barry M Candy Culture Nail Pail Review
Barry M Candy Culture Nail Pail Review

Anybody who knows me will know that I am obsessed with Barry M Nail Polishes… before I massively decluttered my collection at the end of last year I think I owned every colour they had come out with. I think their colour selection is amazing, their formula is on point and I love that all the different collections come in the same shaped packaging… because it makes them really satisfying to store!

Barry M Candy Culture Nail Pail Review

So, when they launch a new collection, I am all over it! And today we’re heading back to my childhood (90s 00s) and the world of scented gel pens and experiencing the new Barry M Candy Culture Scented Nail Polishes! They’re £3.99 a pop, so the same price as all the other Barry M ‘special’ ranges, and there are four shades to the range; Blueberry Bonbon, Strawberry Laces, Raspberry Sherbet and Coconut Cream. All scented to their colour name.

Barry M Candy Culture Nail Pail Swatches

Application, as you would expect is good. Just like all other Barry M Nail Polishes, 2 coats is plenty. It dries relatively quickly and the brush shape is your standard nail polish brush, great for applying in 3 or 4 quick strokes, and not too big. The four colours are adorable, all ‘candy’ inspired.. a little misleading (as strawberry is a peach colour, and raspberry is a pale pink).. but all very sweet.

Barry M Candy Culture Nail Pail Review

Now. The question we all want to know. Do they actually smell of their scents……. yes. You have to wait for them to dry down 100%… so it does take about half an hour before you can really notice it. But, yes they do! And the scent sticks around for a good couple of days. Is it gimicky? Yes. Does it really need to do it? No. But is it kinda cute? Yes

Barry M Candy Culture Nail Pail Review

Overall some really sweet colours and, as with all Barry M Nail Polishes, a great formula, and the scent is a really sweet added touch. I think the Gelly Hi Shines do last a little longer on the nails, and because of their added shine, they do make your nails look a lot healthier… but overall, this is a really sweet range (ha! I’m so funny)!

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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