(Updated) Top 5 Under £5

Top 5 Makeup Products for Under £5
Top 5 Makeup Products for Under £5

We all love a bargain, and I feel like there really are some amazing products out there that cost as much as a BigMac! (what a weird comparison…)

Rimmel Lipliners

Be it the exaggerate or the 1000 kisses, their lipliners are amazing! Definitely the best in the drugstore, and the only lipliners I’ve ever actually run out of. They make your lipsticks last all night!

Miss Sporty Eye Quads 

I’ve spoken about these for years, since I first tried one in a £20 makeup challenge, and I really do love them. While they’re not the best things out there in terms of formula, they are actually really good for £2.99! And my smokey brown quad has a massive dip in 3 of the 4 shades!

Collection Precision Contour Stick

I’ve never been one for cream contouring, until I discovered this. It’s a really beautiful shade for my skin, not too warm or cool. It’s pigmented, but blends like a dream! And it lasts all day!

Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Creams

These are amazing. If you like the NYX lip creams, you’ll like this. They’re basically the same, down to the super sweet smell. There are only like 6 shades, but if you’re wanting a NYX lip cream for £2.99… try these.

Natural Collection Brow Pencil

The entire range is only £1.99, and while I love the blush and the lipsticks, I really feel like the impressive item from the range is their brow pencil. Basically because I’m so picky with eyebrow pencils, and I already have my all time love (the Maybelline Brow Satin). But this is a really good brow pencil, it’s easy to use, a good colour, and I love how it has a spoolie on it!

I have another top 5 under £5 blog post, but I have discovered so many new products since then, I wanted to share some more!

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What are your favourite products under £5?

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  1. I’m planning a post like this too! I love bargain beauty haha the Collection liquid lipsticks are stunning for the price, it’s just a shame about the limited colour selection.

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