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If you want quality of eyeshadows, look no further than Zoeva. I have two eyeshadow palettes from them, and they’re eyeshadow quality is insane. The shades are pigmented, blendable, long lasting, stunning and just generally amazing. They have a little bit of kick up in the pan, but nothing crazy. And they’re one of my favourite eyeshadows ever!

So, after loving my Cocoa Blends palette, I knew I wanted more of them… secretly I want all of them. And so I picked up one that just screamed to me: the Nude Spectrum palette. There are a beautiful array of neutral shades, a stunning black (that’s actually really easy to work with), some beautiful shimmers, some super useful mattes, I literally love it. The packaging is stunning, and even though it’s essentially cardboard, it feels more luxurious than you’d think/

For two complaints, the palette needs a mirror (it’s one of my pet peeves), and there a few shades in the palette that are so similar in colour, that I feel like they could be replaced with something different.

But, essentially, I am in love.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

Katie x

16 thoughts on “Review | Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette

  1. I really love this palette, I’ve hit pan on a couple of shades that I wear almost every day which is sad! I totally agree with the mirror, there is so much space for a nice big one and it’d make the packaging that bit more luxurious. I’ve also found that 2 of my shades ‘fell out’ of the packaging, which was a shame, they’re just stuck in with a blob of glue and I think it must’ve lost stickiness!

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