15 Birthday Blog Post Ideas


I know this is a fairly limited idea for blog posts, but Birthdays are something we all have – whether you celebrate them or not – and themes blog posts are always a hit. As mine is coming round the corner, and it’ll be a big one (I’m 21, which in England means Jack S**t, in others – like America – it’s a big thing), I thought I would share with you 30 blog posts ideal for your Birthday month. I mean mine’s theoretically October, but it’s October 5th, and so there’s not much of October before my birthday.

  1. What I Got For My Birthday
  2. Birthday Wishlist
  3. ** Things I’ve Learnt In ** Years
  4. Photos From Every Birthday (or as many as possible, you can watch yourself grow up)
  5. Birthday Makeup
  6. Birthday OOTD
  7. Birthday Plans (what you’re planning on doing on your birthday)
  8. Birthday Gift Guide (like a wishlist, but more generic)
  9. Document Your Birthday in Photos
  10. Things Every ** Should Know
  11. Birthday Cake Recipe
  12. Birthday Decorations DIY
  13. Birthday Party Ideas
  14. Stories Of Your Previous Birthdays
  15. Your Favourite Presents


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