Most Read Blog Posts of ALL TIME

Most Read Blog Posts of ALL TIME

I’ve had my blog now for coming up to 6 years, and while it hasn’t been solidly, and I’m now having to build back up to the 2018 levels of when I used to post all the time (and I’m still quite a way off from those views), it’s interesting to see what blog posts perform really well on my blog! All of these blog posts are from years ago, and still get a good amount of traffic to this day, and are in the 5 figures of page views, but I’ve really enjoyed looking back at my old blog posts recently, and I think it’s really interesting to see the best performing posts on my blog. There’s a trend…

And I’d love to follow this up with a mid way through the year with what’s been the most read posts of 2021, which will obviously only focus on the most read posts since I’ve been back!

Most Read Blog Posts of ALL TIME

6. New | Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick

Date Posted: JULY 5, 2016

I used to be OBSESSED With these lipsticks! The Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks were my bread and butter everyday lipsticks! And while I still think they’re good lipsticks, they’re a little drying, and I’ve found they’ve slowly fallen out of my collection. But I was so goddam proud of this blog posts! It was one of the earliest posts on my blog that became super popular and I still think so fondly back on those days.

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Most Read Blog Posts of ALL TIME

5. New | L’Oreal L’Or Highlighter

Date Posted: SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

This was such a rogue one! I picked it up on a whim while I was in Superdrug and thought nothing of it! Decided to review it on one of my ‘new in weeks’ I used to do back then and it’s still a blog post that’s read to this day! And it’s one of those posts I’m always so surprised to see in this lineup! I totally did not keep this highlighter post writing this post!

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Most Read Blog Posts of ALL TIME

4. New | Maybelline The Burgundy Bar Palette

Date Posted: SEPTEMBER 17, 2017

I remember when this palette launched it was EVERYWHERE and I felt I really wanted to review it! It’s s nice post and I’m glad to see it here, but a little like the L’Oreal one, it’s a little random! I really can’t wait to bring these NEW IN posts back, but I always pick these things up in store, and it feels so rude right now to spend time going through the makeup aisles in Superdrug and Boots when we’re not meant to be out shopping for non-essentials! So they will come back, I promise!

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Most Read Blog Posts of ALL TIME

3. 15 Birthday Blog Post Ideas

Date Posted: SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

Not a surprising one, these used to be THE posts to do back in 2016. I haven’t really done them since, but you really don’t see them around as much these days. But these are some really cute blog post ideas. And this is one of those blog posts that received a sh*t tonne of views via Google, proving how important SEO can be as this still gets views to this day!

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Most Read Blog Posts of ALL TIME

2. New | Rimmel The Only One Matte Lipstick

Date Posted: SEPTEMBER 24, 2016

I think this is the blog posts I am THE MOST proud of! There’s just something about it and I really can’t put my finger on it. And I love that this post is in my top most read blog posts of all time! I don’t think Rimmel do these anymore (which is such a shame), so the daily views on this has dropped off a cliff, but it was a really well read post back in it’s day!

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Most Read Blog Posts of ALL TIME

1. New | Bourjois Rouge Fabuleux Lipsticks

Date Posted: OCTOBER 14, 2018

And we have number 1! I’m pretty sure the Rimmel one was number one for a long old time, but the ongoing daily views on that have stopped, while this one continues to go. I changed up the lighting the layout for this post and I do kinda like it! I seriously cannot wait to restart this new in series!

Most Read: New | Bourjois Rouge Fabuleux Lipsticks

What’s the most read content in your blog?

Katie x

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41 thoughts on “Most Read Blog Posts of ALL TIME

  1. I really like this kind of posts and it’s very interesting to look back and see what attracts viewers! Just went to read the Bourjois Rouge lipsticks and really need to try one, love the shade of the Plum one! Thank you for sharing x

  2. This is such an interesting post, you can see what kind of content everyone consumed 3/4 years ago! I think everyone and their moms were obsessed with that kate moss lipstick!!

  3. The thing that is encourages me *most* about this post is 6 years of blogging. I have floated from blog to blog but have been at mine now, off and on for a few years now and am really hoping this is the one. 😉 But the other one is 5-figure views!!! Oh my god. Good for you.

  4. Loved this post. I think it’s so fun to see which posts performed well. I think one of my oldest posts is always one of my most popular which is so odd to see what people are reading. Thanks for sharing.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  5. Love these types of posts, they’re always soo interesting. I’m also dumbfounded by some of my most viewed posts – complete dark horses. I can understand the post about the Bourjois lipsticks though – everytime I see them in person I just want to buy them. They just look appetizing!

  6. OMG the rimmel lipsticks! That was a huge hype within beauty bloggers a few years back. Loved these vibes! I have to update so many posts so I’m going to have to do this soon and check overall what are my most viewed! Thanks for sharing xx

  7. It is a really good idea to see what your popular posts are. Make-up is definitely popular. And I’ve always loved rimmel lipstick too. I find posts about food are quite popular.

    1. Oh it’s so much fun! I’ve been going through updating them all recently with all the SEO things I’ve learnt and new formatting, and it’s been so fun! x

  8. It’s really interesting to see the posts which performed the best at the time and even to realize that they still perform well. They are evergreen contents as long as the products are still available in stores. Nice post! Keep up the good work!


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