July Empties | Skincare, Haircare & Makeup

Empties | Skincare, Haircare and Makeup

Such a fan of empties post, as you get the real final thoughts of something! Once someone’s used up the entire product! The reason I say that, is the amount of time my opinion changes from my first impression is insane… and also, sometimes you realise how much you love a product once you’ve stopped using it!

But yes, these are all the products I used up throughout the month of July. I can’t decide if there’s a lot of products, or none. But I’ve certainly worked my way through a lot of makeup things, so I hope you guys enjoy that!

Empties | Skincare, Haircare and Makeup

Sure Bright Bouquet Deodorant

Is there anything I need to say about this? It kinda does everything is says on the tin. Like it’s a deodorant that smells nice. Enough said

Percy & Reed Hydrating Mask

So I’m actually not the biggest fan of this brand, everything I’ve tried by them has sort of fallen a little flat on me. And I feel like this is one of the same. Like it was nice, and it left my hair feeling soft. But I wasn’t wowed by it

L’Oreal Lip Scrub

This isn’t actually finished. It’s more gone off. However, I have used up a few of these in the past. They’re nice, and they do their job. I’ve just found some more, since buying these, I like more!

John Freida Frizz Ease Original Serum

Oh John Freida, thank you for saving my hair! This leaves your hair looking and feeling super super soft! And it really does help with frizzyness. But the thing I really notice, is when I put this through the ends of my hair, whether it’s because I fuss with it less (because it’s not as frizzy), or it’s because everything’s hydrated and my hair is therefore releasing less excess oils, or what. But this product helps me last longer between washes!

Oral B Complete White Toothpaste

I have teeth. I need to brush them. And this toothpaste is really inoffensive. Plus, is it just me, or does toothpaste last forever?!

Boots Candle in Fizz

I was so unimpressed with this candle. Seriously couldn’t smell it at all. Would not repurchase

Carmex Lip Balm

This is one of those lip balms that just does its job. I would repurchase, but I’ve got quite a few lip balms to get through, so may leave it a year.

Empties | Skincare, Haircare and Makeup

Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser

This was fine. Considering I only finished it like 4 weeks ago and remember literally nothing about it implies that I neither loved nor hated it.

Your Good Skin Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

One thing I do remember. This is my current obsession! It’s super affordable, really easy to use, removes all my makeup flawlessly and comes with two clothes (which, by the way, you can put in the washing machine!). Not the biggest fan of the packaging, but still love them!

Dr Botanicals Moroccan Facial Oil

This is one of those products I wasn’t sure about for ages. But since I’ve stopped using it, I’ve missed it. It’s super hydrating, and light weight, And while I questioned it’s ability to do it’s job… since I’ve stopped using it I’ve noticed my skin isn’t as healthy….

Elemis Enzyme Peel

This is one of those face masks I’ve only ever had minis of, so I can’t really comment on whether it’s worth the money. However, I do really enjoy my samples, and still have another one to use up. It really helps give my skin the boost it sometimes really needs

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Pads

If you haven’t heard about this on my blog by now… well I don’t know where you’ve been! I love these so much! Enough said

Empties | Skincare, Haircare and Makeup

Radox Uplifting Shower Gel

This is just one of those staples no one talks about, but everyone’s had. While I prefer my Body Shop shower gels, when I’m inbetween them, this is a classic.

Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub

This was nice, and soft, and not at all drying. But I’m really not massively into body scrubs and so I’m not sure I’d repurchase!

Molton Brown Shower Gel

These shower gels are just stunning. You can feel they’re pricier. And while I love how it feels on the skin, I ain’t made of money, and so I’m not sure I’d ever repurchase them. But if someone wants to give them to me you know, I am in no way complaining!

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream

I actually loved this! It’s thick, creamy and smells delicious, but it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. Like this is truly stunning! However, not sure I can justify the price tag… so not sure I’ll be rushing out to repurchase this any time soon.

Empties | Skincare, Haircare and Makeup

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

I’ve had a lot of these by now. Pretty sure this is my fourth. And while I absolutely love this primer, and I think it’s one of the best, I kind of want to try some new ones, so not sure I’d repurchase this for a while

Max Factor Brow Shaper

Ah Max Factor. We all know I love this brow pencil, but hate how quickly you go through it.

Maybelline Superstay Multi-Use Foundation Stick

This is one of those products you use up but don’t really know how or why. While it’s certainly not the worst foundation, it looks cakey and dry between the eyebrows, and throughout the day, across the entire face. Would not repurchase. Ever

Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation

So this isn’t an empty. But I’m getting rid of it, so wanted to mention it. I hated this product so bad! Urgh

It CC Cream

Oh It Cosmetics. You truly make my favourite base product! This is a stunning, easy to blend, easy to wear, long lasting foundation. Would 1000% repurchase (no, that is not a typo, and yes, I know you can’t have 1000%)

Product Empties | Skincare, Haircare and Makeup

And there you go. Everything I’ve used up over the last 31 days.

What have you been using up over the month of July?

Katie x

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