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ASOS Dress Wishlist

Everytime I write one of these wishlists I remind the World that I’ve actually never bought anything of ASOS. Like ever. To be honest, I’m a little bit of an online shopping newbie! I’ve never really got into it and I’m very much a brick and mortar, go into a shop kind of shopper!

However, ASOS is seriously the Amazon of the fashion world, and as much as we love to hate it, they have a lot of clothes!

It’s often one of those shops I scroll down endlessly, not really finding anything that’s my style, but I found six little gems in the dress section. And with a heatwave in the UK this week, I thought I’d share them with you!

ASOS DESIGN plait neck trapeze pastel turquoise tie dye metallic sunbeach dress £30.00

This is one of those things I’m lusting over because I wish I was off travelling. This feels like it would be perfect for a beach holiday, walking down by the sea, ice cream in hand! The colour of it is stunning. and come on, it looks comfy!

Oasis balinese floral print skater dress in black £56.00 £42.00 (-25%)

I mean, not only is this on offer, but the floral print over the black background? Come on, thats gorgeous! And I feel like this is one of those dresses you could wear all year round, with tights in the winter and sandals and bear legs in the summer! Plus the detailing round the bottom and on the sleeves is super cute!

ASOS DESIGN mini skater sundress with wicker belt in polka dot £32.00

Now this is very cute and right up my street! I feel like skater dresses are totally my style and that polka dot print? It’s adorable!

ASOS Dress Wishlist

ASOS DESIGN lace insert pleated mini dress with embroidery in white £50.00

This dress is just truly stunning! That embroidery on the check is stunning, you have a beautiful cut out in the centre and then the pleated skirt? ooo! If I knew I had somewhere I could actually wear this, I would be all over it!

ASOS DESIGN pleated trapeze mini dress with long sleeves in grey £35.00

I feel like this is one of those dresses you could totally wear both dressed up (like to a summer wedding, if they ever happen) or with some black flats to the office. Such a cute and classic design! Sure this would stay in your wardrobe for years to come!

ASOS DESIGN oversized t-shirt dress in graphic graffiti print £22.00

This is one of those things I wish I was cool enough to wear. You know. Those things you see on the cool kids, buy because you want to be like them, and then you pick it up, head home, and it sits in your wardrobe gathering dust until you eventually take it to the charity shop for someone else to go through the same cycle? However, if I was that cool, this would be right up my street!

ASOS DESIGN tie wrap around crinkle mini sundress in spot print £25.00

Oh come on, this is adorable! With summer in full swing, this would just be perfect with a straw hat, tie up sandals and some cute sunglasses! Could totally see myself wearing this at a family picnic or something. Plus, £25?! Bargain!

What would be on your ASOS wishlist?

Katie x

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