Lockdown Coming To An End? Reflections & Changes

So for those of you who don’t know, I live in the UK. We’ve been in lockdown since March and it feels like things are very slowly returning to a resemblance of normality! I’m now back in the office a few days a week (as of tomorrow), outdoor events can sort of reopen, and while I’ve been working at home for a few months now, I’m actually looking forward to leaving to go to the office!

But as I start to venture out of my house more, it feels to me like lockdown is really coming to an end (not that social distancing is, but yeah) and this chapter of my life where I live, work, breath, eat and sleep all in one room (studio life) is coming to an end. And it felt like a good time to reflect back on the mental year that was 2020!

I considered doing a xx things I’ve learnt during lockdown, but it’s all your stereotypical things; family and friends are important, life is short, value your freedom, you need more than one room to live in. So I thought I’d keep it short and sweet and update you on the life decisions that have been made since being in lockdown.

I’m Moving

This feels premature…. as I’m not moving out till late Autumn. But I’m already pretty excited. Not only does it feel like the right time to move in with my significant other, but I really want more space. I want to have a sofa and a dining table. I want a little outdoor space (be it a balcony or shared garden). And, let’s face it, I want my rent to be cheaper (because this is slightly mental).

I will of course keep you up to date with any decisions, declutterings, packing, flat tours, you name it! But I’m looking forward to moving out of my studio (which has been the perfect little space for me these last 2 years) and into a one bed flat!

Blogging – 4 days a week

Now I’m returning to the work place, I honestly can’t keep up with the everyday thing, so I’m going to cut it back a little. You can now expect posts from me every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. But if ya miss me between, then pop over to Instagram and I’ll see you over there! I didn’t want to rush anything and keep piling out content I’m not happy with, but I want to keep this up with burning out.

But I certainly don’t want to take a 8 months gap again…! AndI’m so glad that lockdown allowed me to get back into it!


Those of you who read my morning routine will know I’ve been doing the couch to 5k, and I just finished it. Can’t say I can actually run 5k without stopping (so not sure I really successfully finished it), but can certainly run further than I could. I’m definitely going to try and keep this up. I haven’t necessarily lost any weight (snacking is an issue), but I certainly feel stronger and healthier and would love to keep running as much as I can

There are a million other life things I’d love to keep up- like cooking fresh food more, or valuing the time I have with friends or family, or pretty much a million wholesome things. But I feel like these three are the realistic things I’m going to keep up with!

What are your life changes you’ve made during lockdown?

Katie x

6 thoughts on “Lockdown Coming To An End? Reflections & Changes

  1. How exciting that you’re moving out! I cant wait for the day when I do too, I want to decorate my own space! So very excited for you 🙂

  2. Best of luck with the move, I’m sure everything will fine and fall right into place, especially if you yourself, believes it is the right time. As for me, the lockdown wasn’t long here, even though it should have been a lot longer than it was, because our state is now a mess over here because of it. But, I’m moving on with my life, seeking better employment, more opportunities, better financial state, continuing my hobbies and interests, and my regular cleaning routines… nothing really has changed, except the new semester at college and unemployment for me.

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