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So a lovely reader of mine mentioned that she wanted to know what I get up to! Realistically I thought my life was pretty boring, but I guess life’s been a little different for all of us recently and I’ve adjusted to working from home (and feel like I’ve doing it fairly successfully), so thought I’d share it with you!

When I was in University many moons ago I did a blog post where I took a photo for every hour in the day (it’s a massive throw back, but read is here if you want baby Katie!) and I really enjoyed the format! It allows me to tell you what I get up to in a slightly more visual way! Although, I’ll let you in to a really big secret…. all these photos aren’t actually taken exactly an hour apart. I know I know! But as you’ll soon see, I spend a lot of the day in one place, and there’s only so many pictures of my computer you can take!

Last thing to say before I get going! I’m working. I’m a Marketing Campaigns Manager for The Luna Cinema who are currently operating Drive In screenings. It means I spend a lot of time setting up Facebook or Google ads, emailing venues, briefing in artwork, and all manner of things! Obviously the entertainment sector is in a mess right now, but I’m very fortunate to work in a company that even in a normal year operated outdoor events.

So here we go

6:20am | I obviously start the day in bed… because that’s normally where you wake up. I’m a massive tea addict, but I’m really trying to drink more water (which weirdly I don’t like the taste of), so I force myself to down a glass first thing.

6:25am | Still thirsty, as somehow water doesn’t cut it. The only thing that stops my morning thirst is tea. Alas, I’m currently trying to learn to run (yes, who am I), so I force myself to get out of bed and dressed. I know it’s mega early, but I really don’t want to get into the habit of sleeping in, as one day I’ll be back to commuting and want to be ready for it!

6:30am | This is not an ad. But this app has single handedly changed my life. I’m currently doing the Couch to 5k. On the day of taking these photos I was on week 6. Next week I’ll be on the start of week 7. I’ve never been a runner before and it’s never been something I’ve been able to master. But I really felt like if anything was to come out of lockdown, this is what I wanted it to be!

7:10am | Dead. Stretching in the flat. Hot. Sweaty. You get the idea.

7:20am | People who don’t wash after working out worry me. Do you not sweat? Or do you just smell for the rest of the day? Anyhow, it’s warm in the UK at the moment so I feel disgusting after a run, so 100% time to shower! This is what I used in the shower today… it was one of those weird showers where you finish your shampoo, conditioner and soap all in the same wash!

7:30am | Sit in the towel on the bed. Not moving. Running makes me feel great don’t get me wrong, but it’s tiring

7:45am | I use a bit of moisturiser on my dry patches (elbows, shoulders, knees… tmi? maybe) and get dressed. Quick bit of skincare, and a small bit of makeup so I feel ready for the day.

8:20am | Now I’m up and dressed and ready for the day I do some boring chores left over from the night before. Usually put the washing up away, wipe down the kitchen sides, remake the bed. You get the idea. As I live in a studio and I’m currently working here too, it has to be clean or I go insane and can’t work!

8:40am | I take a little bit of time to catch up on blog comments from the day before, check up on stats, reply to some messages and comments on Instagram. Maybe post a story. You get the idea!

9am | I am a creature of habit. If I make something into a habit (like currently running Monday, Wednesday and Friday) I tend to keep to it. And every day I have an apple, a slice of toast, some tea and a glass of squash (I hate water ok) for breakfast. This is usually also when I run the sales for the screenings for work. Check what’s sold out etc. And send the top line figures round to the team.

9:30am | I start work. This varies a little from day to day. But it’s everything from video calls, to setting up digital marketing campaigns, to planning activity with sponsors of the events, to booking in media, to briefing in artwork. It’s varied and no two days are the same. But I love it!

11am | Still working. Here’s a little insight of what I’d just put on sale this day

12:15pm | Time to cook lunch. I have a few different things I make but today it’s the most hipster lunch in the world!

12:30pm | Yes. I’m that person.

12:45pm | As you can tell. I haven’t moved since 9am. So I head out for a brisk lunch time walk. I live in West London and there are some beautiful parks round here, and if i get bored of the parks, some stunning houses to stare are wishfully!

1:30pm | Back to work

3:45pm | I’m such a snacker. And today it some of my homemade flapjacks. Think they had a little too much golden syrup in them, but they were nom! And much needed

4:30pm | Known as my afternoon wall. This is when my focus goes. I am so much more a morning person than an evening person, and it’s at this point I’m like ‘eurgh’ however, gotta keep working!

5:30pm | This is when I’m scheduled to finish work. Realistically I’m often working past this, but on this day I actually finished on time. So I always finish the day. I’ve actually started finishing the day making a list of things I wasn’t able to get done/need to do tomorrow. It helps me get right into it the following day and makes sure I don’t miss things!

5:35pm | I just sit there for 5 mins staring at the wall. Slightly frazzled. Just sitting. It might be weird, but ya know.

5:40pm | Scroll down instagram…

6pm | Time to make food…

6:15pm | I’m the queen of meal prep and often have many things in my fridge/freezer that are ready to eat. So today it’s butter fried veg and a minced meat casserole thing. Always catch up on YouTube while I do it!

6:30pm | Now I search the cupboard in search of something sweet as I have a real sugar addiction. Sometimes I find something. Sometimes I don’t.

6:55pm | Hate washing up. I hate the whole thing that you have to do it every single day. Washing up is just adulthood in one action. But I don’t want to be gross. So I do it

7pm | Now I settle down for the evening. Today I was blog post writing! And at the moment, with posting everyday, it’s what I do most evenings. Sometimes I face call or Netflix Part of whatever. But today this was it!

9:30pm | Climb into bed. Sit down. Watch Netflix. Anyone ever thought that Dynasty is just a mental programme?!

10:30pm | Still watching TV

God knows when | I tend to drift off somewhere between 10:30-11pm… and then I wake up and do the whole thing again

Clearly this is not how I spend my weekend. And with my morning run and midday walk, I’m always getting my 10k steps in. But I spend a worrying amount of time in front of my computer….!

How do you spend your day? And let me know if there is any part of this post you’d want me to elaborate on!

Katie x

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13 thoughts on “Photo For Every Hour In The Day | WFH in Live Events Marketing

  1. You life is anything but boring and I love how you organise your day activities. Today for me I woke up with an Intense cold and migraine and life as a young mother is not easy but it’s always full of activities. I love your posts a lot.

  2. This is such a fun concept! I also spend a worrying amount of time in front of my computer but I guess when your livelihood is online you have to!

    1. Aww thanks! And yeah, with all my work meetings and social gatherings also being digital now, it’s getting a little out hand! Can’t wait to get back to the office! x

    1. Awww thanks! I mean the real honesty is it’s not literally a photo for every hour in the day…. haha! And omg I know, love it.. Fallon has a lot of traits I wish I had! x

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