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So I’m one of those people who’s been using the same eye cream for years (for those of you living under a rock, or who haven’t cared, it’s the Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream) and it’s suited me absolutely fine. It’s a light weight eye cream that seems to do the job well… however, I felt like a change, and where else would I look for skincare other than my favourite brand ever; The Body Shop!

After perusing through the site, I settled on the  Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Mask.

Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Cream

Price & Packaging

When compared to me £3.99 eye cream I’m used to, the £18 price tag did feel a little steep. However, with 20ml of product and you needing next to no eye cream every day, it’s going to last forever.

It came in a smart, white box and the product inside does feel good quality. In a glass pot with a matte black lid. It feels weighty and it looks nice on the shelf.

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In a classic way, the skincare description keeps talking about plant stem sells and extracts, but I feel like the the main selling points are as follows:

// an overnight mask to wake up with skin that looks younger and feels healthier

// a refreshing, non-sticky formula helps address the first signs of ageing to help skin bounce back to a more youthful appearance.

// instantly cools down skin around your eyes by -1.5°C

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So this smells so strongly of cucumber, but the most unusual thing about this formula is it’s this weird bouncy formula that feels somewhere between cream and slime… in a nice way, that sounds deeply revolting!

It feels more water based than other eye creams I’ve used, which means it feels cooling on the eye. However, you can feel it. It’s definitely more of a mask than a cream and so one that lends itself more for the evening or for very early in the morning (where there’s quite a delay between applying and putting makeup on or anything).

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I’m not one to suffer much from under eye bags tbf, but it does leave my under eyes looking and feeling fresh! I’m not sure it’s going to be a favourite, but it’s definitely got me interesting in trying new things!

Have you tried this eye mask? Or what’s your favourite eye cream?

Katie x

4 thoughts on “Review | Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Mask

  1. Ooo this is right up my alley – Over the last few years my interest has really grown in eye products and anti-aging etc. I keep seeing people rave about glossier bubblewrap (£23) – but always hesitate thinking, what if I don’t like the product and I’ve spent that money. I’ll make a decision eventually haha!

    Hayley || hayleyxmartin

    1. ooh just did a quick google, I love how one of it’s main selling points is that it absorbs quickly (I’m impatient!), thanks for the recommendation! x

    1. I love the Superdrug Vitamin E cream (as a cheaper alternative for an also amazing Body Shop Vitamin E cream). I’ve got to say, none of the others I’ve tried have ever really caught my fancy! x

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