March Empties 19 | Would I Repurchase?

March Empties 2019

Another month down! I’d love to start the month as I did last time- with a roundup of the month before, with my insta feed and my most read blog posts of the month. But let’s face it, I’ve been a bit shit! However, I’m back, I’m going to start posting on insta again (give me a follow @katieemmabeauty) and I’ll be back with it next month!

However, I’m starting the month in one of my other favourite ways; empties! Keeping hold of my rubbish for a whole month to chat through with you everything I’ve finished. Every month I get to the end of it and I’m like ‘oh my god how did this happen’, I literally seem to use so many things every month it’s actually insane. Anyhow, talking you through m’trash!

March Empties 3

Nip + Fab Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads | OMG I miss these things so much! I decided when I moved to scale back my skincare and try to use less things.. but I missed these. And so I found myself using them again, and here they are finished. They just work so well as leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh!

Herbel Essences Golden Raspberry & Mint Shampoo & Conditioner | I actually repurchased these the other day! I literally love Herbel Essences so much and they’re a hair care brand I find myself going back to time and time again and I’ve been using them since I was about 14. They smell delicious, and leave you hair super clean and soft!

Little Mix Gold Magic Fragrance | I found this fragrance fine. It’s very much that classic cheaper end fragrance, but it wasn’t bad. Not sure I’d repurchase, but I did like having it in my life and I did use it up!

Brushbox Mint Toothpaste | So I got one of their boxes a while ago and actually really liked it! The only thing I’d really want to get hold of from the brand again is the toothpaste (the toothbrush was great, but I’m still tied to my electric toothbrush)! Not sure where you can get this on it’s own, but I do really like it!

Beauty Protector Protect & Volume Spray | This stuff was fine… but I definitely prefer my VO5 or Batiste sprays!

March Empties 1

Nice & Easy CC Colourseal Conditioner | I dyed my hair again, so more of this stuff! Still find it leaves my hair super super soft!

Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner | We all know I LOVE the body shop! Their skincare is really good, and this is probably the third one of these I’ve had! I’m currently working my way through a Garnier one at the moment, but I’d definitely repurchase!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush | Still the best dry shampoo out there! I LOVE the rose gold or cherry scent, but sometimes you just fancy a change!

Umberto Giannini Tousled Salt Spray | I’ve literally had this years (think I bought it in the first year of Uni), but I’ve actually really enjoyed it! It gives your hair that really lovely tousled (ha!) look like you’ve just come from the beach! I find myself using this pretty much everyday, but especially when I curl my hair! I haven’t repurchased this one, but I’ve just bought the L’Oreal salt spray!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | I love this powder so much and will probably keep repurchasing, I just HATE the packaging! It always cracks half way through and then you find you the product itself cracks and breaks before you’ve actually finished it!

March Empties 2

Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent Body Wash | I actually really loved this body wash! And I feel like, alongside the Body Shop shower gels, this is one of my favourite ones out there!

Molton Brown Jasmine Rose Bath & Shower Gel | I mean, realistically this would be my favourite shower gel, but I’m not made of money! I love this stuff so much and I love receiving these little samples in advent calendars or beauty boxes because there really is just something so luxurious about them!

Bare Minerals SkinLongevity | Still not sure I’m entirely convinced what this is. I was using it daily as a sort of moisturiser… but I’m not convinced that was right. And as I just can’t work out what it is, not sure I’d repurchase!

Shay & Blue Blood Orange Fragrance | While I really did love the really strong blood orange scent (also, side note, if you haven’t had a blood orange… you need to try one!), I’m not sure it really suited me. So, I might love a candle in this scent, but probable not as a fragrance again

Max Factor Brow Shaper | I LOVE this brow pencil, and while I will 100% repurchase, this will never be my go to because it just doesn’t last (it’s super super fine, so you work your way through it so fast!)

March Empties

Omorovicza UltraMoor Mudmask | OK, I loved this stuff! So so much! There was something so luxurious about it and it would always leave my skin looking and feeling super clean! However.. it’s like £60!? So, not sure I’ll repurchase for this reason! Shame though

Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream | I love this eye cream, I’ve had so many countless ones before! Will keep repurchasing forever it feels like!

Phew! Done it! What products have you finished this month?

Katie x

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  1. Rimmel powder is seriously the best for its buck! I agree the packaging needs some redo because the lid would always crack on me and it wouldn’t securely fit after.

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