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I feel like foundation sticks are the new product to take over the world! L’Oreal launched their Infallible Shaping Stick, following shortly by Revolution and even Colorpop. That’s before you take into consideration any of the classics. And Maybelline really do make some great foundations. So, when I saw their new SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick up there on the shelf, I knew I needed to give it a go!

Available in 18 shades, I have the lightest shade True Ivory. But I do feel like, although the shade range isn’t the most expansive, it really does suit a lot of skin tones and under tones. And it’s £8.99 a pop!

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One thing we’re all very conscious about with stick foundation is cost per gram. Now, taking a look at this, I used this foundation probably 4 times before taking these pics, and look how short it is, already. There’s literally only 7.5g (equatable to around 7.5ml). So price per gram is literally £1.20. Which probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but let me compare it to a few other foundations out there:

L’Oreal Infallible Longwear Shaping Stick – another stick foundation, priced exactly the same. However, as this has more product, it’s £1 per gram. Compare this to some liquid foundations; my favourite, the Max Factor Face Finity at 43p a gram, and the same brand’s Maybelline Superstay Foundation at 33p a gram!

maybelline stick foundation 1

Putting that aside, the packaging is simple, if a little cheap. The sponge is super firm, and while it works for a stick foundation, I very much prefer applying this with a makeup brush.

The colour is gorgeous! In fact, I think this is the closest match to my skin tone of any foundation I’ve ever tried. On first application, this is gorgeous! Medium-buildable coverage, a creamy matte formula, super easy to blend and it just looks stunning. Now, I wouldn’t say it’s quite as long lasting as the liquid equivalent, as it does break down at the sort of 6 hour mark. BUT, if you’re a fan of the liquid foundation, but you prefer things in a stick, you will probably love this!

maybelline stick foundation

Would I whole heartedly recommend this? Probably not. Past the perfectly matching shade, there are definitely better foundations out there, and definitely ones that are better bang for your buck! However, it’s not a bad one, and especially if you’re looking for a foundation to wear for a short time (just for dinner, or if you’re only heading out for a couple of hours), then this will be my go-to foundation!

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think? And what do you think on the whole cost per gram thing of stick foundations?

Katie x

8 thoughts on “New | Maybelline SuperStay Multi Use Foundation Stick

    1. I feel like a lot of products are like ‘oh my god we come with a sponge/brush and it’s such a good deal’, but they brushes/sponges are dreadful! You kinda wish they didn’t bother and just made them cheaper x

  1. Definitely doesn’t sound like a product that gives bang for your back but I can imagine something like this would be good for travel as it’s small and if you only need a product to use occasionally a bottle of foundation won’t be sitting around x

  2. Oh that’s such a shame how little product there is 😕 and I don’t like the look of that sponge on the end 😬 my favourite stick foundation is the Revolution one! Xx

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